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  1. Hi malenko the most i did was adding and changing colors to the scenes and some witch wasnt colored at all. Your match game looks great, will take that in 👍 thank you greets
  2. Hi Pinballuser Thanks for your advice. I didnt know that somebody allready did the a13. Do you know how to contact him? He hasnt been here since a while. For first i tried over youtube.. greets
  3. Hi all Because i dont have time at the moment im sharing here the work i did. I only spent time on coloring, didnt change any triggers. Here the link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sa4e0WFkJO3TZTQJIEKr9b0liHbfkCUn?usp=sharing Greets
  4. Hi Guys I spent quit some time with the editor but for the moment i have no time. I recorded the DUMP myself on a real pin. If anybody is interessted you can find all files here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1KXhdSVJ5vtlzhZEZ2JdhfuloUq3sOIPz?usp=sharing I "only" spent hours on coloring, no triggering... Greets
  5. Hi Dany Here my website with all the files for Data East, Bally, Williams, SEGA all from the pin2dmd editor. www.pin-display.ch 95% from the files are "just" a list out from this forum. Greets
  6. Hi I started learnig how to use the editor. I overtook this project: I know the the user "Rensh" from pinside.com and @DJRobX from here already did a lot, so thank you guys, for all the work you already did So at the start i can play with the colors and then see where some trigger mistakes are. Here is one scene: Before: After: It still will take a loooooong time to finish and there will be 1000 questions but i`m having fun with the editor. A pitty that i dont have that much time.. As soon as i have this working i will carry on with the Apollo 13 where i also started (will put the DUMP in the download). Greets
  7. Hi Crrispy Lucky1 is wright, i send the display for the EU from Germany so you dont have to pay any VAT. Greets Rafal
  8. Hi Mandrack Here you can click on the TAF button and send a message to Netzzwerg. Under his name you can see the donation adress.
  9. Cftbl is such a great game and you bring it to the next level! 😎 With a Pin2DMD and the Tilt!Audio Hologram Mod from Steve the pin really comes to life Great work, a pitty my pin buddy sold his cftbl. And thanks to @Wob for all his work in the background. Cheers
  10. HI guys The difficulty from finding the colorfiles was the kick off why i just started with pin-display.ch website. Its taking me a lot of time searching for the files for my Pins, because i want all in all 7 Pin2DMD Displays and still i think that there are more out there witch i havent found.. So i ordered 20 evo boards and made the dicision to make a homepage with all files. where a pinhead like me can find all on one homepage with no other function as what is needed: the display and the files. Of course all only with the artists agreement. Everybody can also WITHOUT BUYING A DISPLAY use the homepage. When you click the name of the PIN a contact form will open & sends directly a mail to the artist. I think then the chance for a donation is also biger because its a direct contact and the artist has more control where the files go to. I already have some artists who are in to it but some are distrustful so that i will also make a link to the download section here if the admins are ok with that. The website is`nt finished yet but feel free to have a look. I Know that there are existing lists in different forums but still by far not as easy to find as on my website. Everybody who thinks: just an other di** trying to make money. Im fine with that and accept it. But also believe that working 1 hour a day more on my job would bring me much further as selling Pin2DMD Display I love the work and ideas from Lucky1 & the artists and i loooooove pinball..! 😎 Cheers & greets from Switzerland
  11. OK i did`nt see the link to a list with all the files 👍. Most of them only .vni so people with real pins still then have to ask the artist. And the french really do that what i want just without donation and listed a little confusing if you don`t understand a word like me. I got some good feedback here and have quite a nice list of files. As soon as the hardware comes (should be the 25th) i can start publishing. Again thx for your input, I guess 😉
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