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  1. Thank you so much. I'm sure it is but I hope that there is something in there for me to connect to a wireless keyboard and also I'm hoping there's a way I could access the internet to download tables. I mean it's a computer right so there's gotta be internet access. I hope I hope I hope 🙂
  2. I'll take a picture of it shortly. It's got a 24 inch play field and a 19-inch back glass. It's like a countertop. No legs. Just play field and backglass
  3. When I open this up I'll take pictures. Company who sold me the cab told me the reason why I was getting an error message was because the power source was not connected to the hard drive so I just used hard drive in my message. I was thinking hard drive as like one of those just disk drives or a drive with no connections When I wrote this first message, I was asking generally what you all used to access the Windows menu. I wasn't sure if the monitors were touch screen, or whatever. I was hoping the system would have some type of external USB port or something but it doesn't. So I was really just asking a general set up question
  4. My apologies for not being clear. This is all new to me as far as owning a mini pinball cab. First off what I meant by pinballx files, I meant folders. Going to Windows, clicking on pinballx, going to table manager and adding tables for instance. I know you must start at windows to get to the pinball x program. The thing is, with this mini cab I have, I don't have easy access to the hard drive. I have to basically take this pin cab apart to get to the inside which is going to be a pain. You are using a keyboard right? Again I'm sorry for not being clear. When I have the time to actually open this up I'll take a picture
  5. So I just got my new mini pinball table. Unfortunately during the shipping I'm just getting a start menu. I'm told it's probably the power source got disconnected from the hard drive so I'm going to have to open that sucker up. So my question is. How do you access pinballx files to add tables? This table does not have any USB input to attach a keyboard and mouse. What do you out there use? When I open it up would the hard drive have something maybe for me to hook up a wireless keyboard?
  6. Thank you free lunch. I really appreciate all of your help.😀
  7. Thank you for the reply. And options. Not sure what I’m doing. I was reading about the build options, which I guess means the cabinet builds? It says Open the .sln file in Visual Studio and build the solution. not sure what this means. Uggh so hard to be a beginner.
  8. Hi there. Please forgive me if this is posted in the wrong section but hopefully someone could answer a question. I will be getting my first mini virtual cab this week. It's just two monitors. Back glass and playfield . So I'm assuming that with the one backglass monitor the DMD scoring is built into the particular table program or is it something I download separately? I know there's separate hardware you can buy for a DMD score but for 2 monitor cab it's automatically built in? If it is built into the software of the table, can it be adjusted like color and brightness? I'm sorry if this sounds stupid I'm just new to this all 🙂
  9. I'm going to be receiving my very first mini table top virtual pinball table. It's just one backglass monitor and the main display. I've seen very cool backglass displays with video and a DMD. Since I'm only going to have one display on the back glass, is it possible in pinball x to have it split 3 ways on one monitor? Back glass art, DMD, video clips? I'm not able to add a new monitor or wouldn't know how to. Thank you.
  10. Thank you both thank you both for your help. To answer pinballuser, I do use table manager. I have visual pinball to go to my path for my tables in pinball x. When I go to table manager and click select my table show up is this the same XML? How do I access the XML?
  11. Okay another newbie question. I see posts about XML. I kind of know what that is but how is it used or is it something I need for pinball x? Is it something I'm supposed to use or what can it do? Thank you.
  12. Oh no. This was an eBay purchase. The reviews seemto be all five stars of who I bought it from. Oh boy. Seller does not accept returns. eBay says only if not received or not as described.
  13. Happy holidays, fellow pinball lovers! I've always wanted to own a full size pinball machine/virtual pinball machine, but unfortunately our townhome does not have the room for one. I decided to purchase a mini tabletop virtual pinball machine which I should hopefully be receiving very soon. It is running pinball x, visual pinball, future pinball, pinball FX2. I'm pretty familiar with the PC versions of future pinball and visual pinball as I still play them on my computer. I understand the pinball cabs are computers so I'm guessing things are similar but I'm sure there's a lot of different things that I need to learn and not even sure where to begin. Hopefully I don't sound too stupid. These forums seem to have a lot of information and it's kind of overwhelming to me as a newbie, so hopefully I can start by asking a few questions and ask for some advice. Capabilities of a mini table. Where to begin? LOL So I was looking on YouTube for virtual pinball. I was extremely impressed what's a full-size machine that Terryred posted of a machine that had all kinds of lights and video. Video on the back glass with the DMD scoring, cool LED color changing on the back. I love LED and color lights. Is it something that could even be done on a mini cab? Downloading new tables There's a lot of tutorials out there. Is anyone know of one that shows how to add new tables to a machine? The machine I'm getting will have about 600. Just curious how easy it is to add new tables. I'm assuming I need different files for the back glass etc. Analog plunger so I'm going to have a plunger on this machine but it just like pushing a button. I'm told that an analog plunger acts like an actual plunger. Is that something that's not hard to do? Well that's a start . Thank you and great to be a part of the pinball community.
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