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  1. Can I use color roms on a PinDMD v3 I can find instructions if I am using a pin2dmd anyone point me in the direction of how to do it with a PinDMDv3 Thanks for you time
  2. I was wondering if any one else has ran into the problem of vpx tables displaying narrow on the screen I was running a RX 570 8g oc and they displayed edge to edge. I changed to a 1060 3g so i could run surround sound feedback and now they run narrow 1/4 to 1/2 " on both sides. Thanks for your time
  3. not sure what i did but the problem seems to have gone away sorry it to me so long to respond had to do a ton of stuff I've no time Thanks for your time
  4. I finally got a Pindmd V3 I installed it and its up and running but now Whenever I run visual pinball a tables with a dmd I get a extra virtual dmd displaying. I have in VPinmame options show DMD/Display window unchecked and use external DMD [dll] checked. The virtual DMD I can move it around but I cant right click and put a border around to resize.I am not sure what the problem is but any help would be awesome. Thanks for your time DmdDevice.ini
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