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  1. @MydknyteStyrm Hi dude ! Congratulations !!! You did a great work with this colorization ! I started one years ago but I let it fall cause i've got no time for it and colorizing dynamic content is quite a mess for me. I've still got the real pinball at home and I've got PIN2DMD license too, so if you manage to share your work, I can export colorization for real pinball for you. Should be great for pinball community Thx by advance !
  2. Niiiice ! I've started the colorization myself long time ago... very happy to see someone with motivation restart it !
  3. Hi, thx for all this great work !!! I want to try this colorization in a real pinball but I copied fsq and pal files with no results. (i know how to use it because i've got a TFTC and I try my colorization with succes on my real pinball) I saw you wrote that we need "firmware fix from github" but I can't find any fix on lucky's github Any help ?
  4. I'm quite a newbie in coloring rom... I'll try this tonight Thx for your help @malenko
  5. How Can I test my first tries ? I tried to copy /paste pin2dmd.pal ani and other but there is no reaction on the pin2dmd, it's still the same basic color ?
  6. I read the tutorial on pin2dmd.com but I can't find how to convert recordings in scenes !
  7. Thx lucky, I did my dump via the real pinball as you said, fortunately, my pincab is near the pinball (I dont have laptop at home) so now I have to separate each animation . @rappelbox : can we share a dropbox like the GnR, I will put my files on it
  8. Hi everybody, I'm starting a WIP to colorize TFTC Pinball. I owne the true pinball at home, so I'm really motivated... I need to create a dump file first. So any help are welcome
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