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  1. Gees, sorry to here about this but glad you're home and feeling better. Take it easy and do everything the doctor tells you, not just the stuff that you want to do.
  2. Started out with Hyperpin, but switched when I started having problems with it running. Only problem I have with PinballX is the manager doesn't support the 750+ tables I now have.
  3. Yes, I had noticed it was easier for me that 2.0 & 2.1. I think he has it pretty well lined out in 2.3. Just finished playing a couple games and it's not hard, but it's still a bit of a challenge. I read where he has set difficulty levels based on friction, but I have yet to play around with that. I really like this game I wish there were other games like it as I plan to build a dedicated cabinet and I would like to have options for other games. I know there is a arcade version of ICB called Sneaky Pete, but it's the exact same playfield just kid friendly graphics.
  4. Yeah, so that the glow is actually coming from the bulb. Their are only three plastics at the top that are at an angle where you can see the actual GI lighting bulb, but as it is the light source appears to be coming from somewhere else. I would think if those are not flashers (as you said) then they should be glowing when the GI is on. IF you notice in the above picture the "eye ball" target on the left the light does appear to be coming almost exactly from the center of the bulb.
  5. Looks Really good! I changed the lower two green lights to white, I think it looks more realistic for the time period. The red ones look good since they are emanating from the red plastic. On the upper plastics where you can actually see the GI bulb itself, I think the glow should be centered on them. It looks a little odd if coming from slightly above them. I think this is pretty good as is for a day looking table, now if you or LW go for a Night MOD, you could really light this bad boy up! Will their be any flashers just curious?
  6. Wow, I bow to the master on the backglass. I did a static BG but nothing that compares to what wildman has created. One suggestion WM, the original Star Trek has the lights for the player 1 -4 turns. I set mine up to light the eyeballs for each player when it's their turn. If you want to add that here are the rom numbers: Player 1 - L15 off Player 2 - L31 off Player 3 - L47 off Player 4 - L63 off
  7. Wow, the table is coming along very nicely! Aside from the gator it seems fully playable already. Looks really good too. Really hope the talent here can take this one all the way to the finish line.
  8. Well, I know there is always a little language barrier here because we are one big international community, but the way I read JP's post is it's okay as long as you at least upload it to VPF. I don't see where it says exclusively/only to VPF. Just my unsolicited $.02. At least here it is okay to tell users they can find something on another site. I don't have to feel like I'm in North Korea and pretend the world does not exist beyond these boarders.
  9. Gross, does the Balligator eat the ball and then poop it out? Nasty! Kidding aside looks great and this table has been lacking since it has seen more TV air time than all other tables combined. Will it include the feature where we can just hip check the table and say "ayyy" and it will start or is that only for the Fonz?
  10. You don't want to cover it up with side art. You want everyone to see you popped for real plywood! If ya got, it flaunt it!
  11. Hey, could someone post their video settings? I have got to have something set wrong. JP's table is perfectly playable aside from the weird moving static look around shadows. However Vern's World is beyond unplayable. It looks fine but the lights don't change for like 20 or 30 seconds and the sound stutters at about the same speed. It's like I'm trying to run it on a TRS80. Their can't be that much difference in those two tables can there?
  12. I agree toxie, anything that can make the table creation process more intuitive will help greatly. I really wanted to build tables for years now and I have tried numerous times. The problem has always been it's like a two part process. First you have to uses walls visible and invisible to make a table work like you want the table to work, and then use images to try and make it look like what a table should look like. That's over simplified I know but you know what I mean. I would beat my head on something for days or weeks trying to make sense of it, finally I would ask for help and find it was nothing like what I thought it would be realizing I could have continued as I was for years and never figured it out. You could always do amazing thinks with VP if you were one of the Gods of VP. For most of the rest of us we just had to stand back and in awe at how they could make it look so easy. With 10, VP takes another step toward making a "Pinball Construction Set" us laymen might be able to figure out. And as far as for what the Gods are going to do with this new power... Minds will be blown!
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