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  1. Yeah! I just solded the resistence form the old Shield and worked 😭 I thought I will never see it working!. IN-CRE-DI-BLE!! I still have to fix the plunger becuasue it looks its small and the ball never exit the ramp. But this is another story. I can see the scores. Thanks for the support! 💓
  2. I have standar DMD from ali expres. It's extrange because now I see the picture in black and white. I enclose a picture of the seller and my hardware. Thanks.
  3. pin 9 and pin 13 are open. 🥺 for sure they will be important and there isn't a cheap solution 😭
  4. Hello! I'm continuing reading and dealing with the instlaation. I have updated the board, I put the key on the SD the files of the colored display of the Street fighter II Gottlieb and configured the options with gottlieb V2 and enhancer on. When I plug the pin2dmd on the machine I only can see the Gottlieb V2 and nothing else. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or I f a need another files on the sd. With the pin2dmd.exe I selected the same option. I already tested with Gotlieb V3 with the same result. I really apprecite your help.
  5. Thanks, I have tested the componetns, the shield shows a green light, the memory card can be read. But the nucleo board is completely dead. 🥵 I must wait to until I buy a new one Finally the new card arrived, but now the pannels doesn't show anyhting. The shield should be damaged as well 😭
  6. All right! I didn't know that the topside was for that pourpose. Anyway, trying to connect de small power converter I plug it as in the website of the Pin2dmd in the gottlieb v3 and I started to see some smaoke. I think the ST has beed burned. 🤦‍♂️ I will have to buy a new one! 😡 And let's hope not only the ST has been damaged.
  7. Yes it's working 😭 I'm crying of happines. Thanks really much!! Now The only issue I have to solve is how to wire the shield with the ledboard, I'm testing with a P3 board and the shield fits well, but for the pinball it's too big I bought a P2.5 and cannot fit the shield. The HUB75 wire doesn't show anything if I extend the hub75 with the color wires to change the gender. The pins are changed on the hub75? Is there a special wire to that purpose? Thanks again and for the eternity!
  8. Pins 9 and 13 with the jumper on ENH 2&3 doesn't show. But in you video doesn't show pin number 9 either.
  9. I placed the jumper between the pins and still is only showing the PIN2DMD display letters. There's a another way to test it? There's no missing files on the SD, appart from the 3 I have? Thanks.
  10. These are the pictures of my Shield, I bought over april
  11. It shows Colorprism 2.61 and we have now also tried the Version 3.03 and also the three versions of Gottlieb. Any Idea? Thanks.
  12. Hi!, Since last year I started to buy and regster the pin2dmd pieces, now I'm ready and trying to install it. Now I have to connect to the real pinball. I have a Gottlieb STFII, I have the file.key registered and two files of colorization inside the SD one .dat .pal .fsq I have a 3.1 Shield and the nucleo STM32F407G When I plug the pinball nothing shows. I don't know what to do if I have to bridge something or some files ara miiising on the SD. Thanks for evertyhting
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