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  1. Pins 9 and 13 with the jumper on ENH 2&3 doesn't show. But in you video doesn't show pin number 9 either.
  2. I placed the jumper between the pins and still is only showing the PIN2DMD display letters. There's a another way to test it? There's no missing files on the SD, appart from the 3 I have? Thanks.
  3. These are the pictures of my Shield, I bought over april
  4. It shows Colorprism 2.61 and we have now also tried the Version 3.03 and also the three versions of Gottlieb. Any Idea? Thanks.
  5. Hi!, Since last year I started to buy and regster the pin2dmd pieces, now I'm ready and trying to install it. Now I have to connect to the real pinball. I have a Gottlieb STFII, I have the file.key registered and two files of colorization inside the SD one .dat .pal .fsq I have a 3.1 Shield and the nucleo STM32F407G When I plug the pinball nothing shows. I don't know what to do if I have to bridge something or some files ara miiising on the SD. Thanks for evertyhting
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