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  1. Joe

    Stern Roms

    the .spk files are not the full images. for mame you may want the full SD card images (Not in pinmame / mame any time soon (don't piss stern off people need the files to fix there games if needed))
  2. Joe

    Stern Roms

    they also have the full SD card images as well. But 8GB - 16GB unziped is CHD range for mame.
  3. Cirqus Voltaire (D.52 Prototype)? Happen to have the Prototype sound roms?
  4. look at the keys setting in the menu
  5. The game is basicy just space jam with some changes.
  6. That is becocuse King kong became Back to the Future
  7. Also VP / VPM is unlike to be able to go into the windows store.
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