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  1. Thanks again, for all your help. I'll have to remember this for the future. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!
  2. Okay, so I just played a few games with the Freezy off and just using the regular DMD and it played without crashing. Thank you for your help. Is this something that happens with other tables with Freezy running?
  3. No I was just running the table without a backglass, but I will try just running the table with the pinmame dmd instead of the freezy.
  4. Yea, just tried that with the same results. I even tried running it without the backglass running and it still just crashes.
  5. Yea I tried this one as well with the same results.
  6. No I am using the fg_1200af....do I need to be using the ag? The script has the af in it so I just thought that was the one to use.
  7. Could someone help me with this table? It crashes all the time when I try to play it. It loads just fine and plays for a while and then just after a few minutes or so it just crashes. This is the only table that I am having a problem with. I have everything updated like it should, well at least I think I do. Using VPX 10.6. I tried running it in 10.5 and it does the same thing.
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