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  1. not for me EDIT : success!!! i found the problem : on my kl2Z i had assigned some keyboard keys to buttons, and dofslave.exe don't like that. so, back to kl2Z configuration, only buttons. and yes, my ledwiz and teensy are working with timeshock.
  2. hi when i launch time shock , i have this message = propinballslave has stopped with another window shell : Unhandled Exception: System.AccessViolationException: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. at DirectOutput.Cab.Out.LW.LedWiz.LWZ_SBA_64(UInt32 device, UInt32 bank0, UInt32 bank1, UInt32 bank2, UInt32 bank3, UInt32 globalPulseSpeed) at DirectOutput.Cab.Out.LW.LedWiz.TerminateLedWiz() in C:\Development\DirectOutput\DirectOutput\Cab\Out\LW\LedWiz.cs:line 390 at DirectOutput.Cab.Out.LW.LedWiz.Dispose(Boolean disposing) in C:\Development\DirectOutput\DirectOutput\Cab\Out\LW\LedWiz.cs:line 476 at DirectOutput.Cab.Out.LW.LedWiz.GetLedwizNumbers() in C:\Development\DirectOutput\DirectOutput\Cab\Out\LW\LedWiz.cs:line 415 at DirectOutput.Cab.Out.LW.LedWizAutoConfigurator.AutoConfig(Cabinet Cabinet) in C:\Development\DirectOutput\DirectOutput\Cab\Out\LW\LedWizAutoConfigurator.cs:line 25 at DirectOutput.Cab.Cabinet.AutoConfig() in C:\Development\DirectOutput\DirectOutput\Cab\Cabinet.cs:line 32 at DirectOutput.Pinball.Setup(String GlobalConfigFilename, String TableFilename, String RomName) in C:\Development\DirectOutput\DirectOutput\Pinball.cs:line 213 at DirectOutput.DirectOutputHandler.Init(String HostingApplicationName, String TableFilename, String RomName) in C:\Development\DirectOutput\DirectOutput\DirectOutput.cs:line 191 at ProPinballSlave.FeedbackSlave.Start() at ProPinballSlave.FeedbackSlave.Main(String[] args) any help please
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