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  1. kill this out must work #define NUM_JOYSTICKS 0#define USE_MOUSE 0#define USE_CONSUMER 0
  2. So have make a little tutorial hope its help the world to programm the Arduino
  3. To enable or disable any functions you must edit the folow files in Devconfig.h #ifndef DEVCONFIG_H__INCLUDED #define DEVCONFIG_H__INCLUDED /**************************************** USB device config ****************************************/ #define ENABLE_LED_DEVICE <- Enable the LED LEDWIZ Outputs #define ENABLE_ANALOG_INPUT <- Enable Normal Joystick Analog inputs #define USE_ACCELGYRO 1 <- Esnable Gyro Controller ( Sixaxis Device ) #define ENABLE_PANEL_DEVICE #define NUM_JOYSTICKS 0 <- Number of Normal Joys 2Axis and 12 Buttons #define USE_MOUSE 1 <- Enable Mouse Controlls #define USE_CONSUMER 1 <- Enable Multimedia Keys #define USE_KEYBOARD 1 <- Enable Normal Keyboard device #endif
  4. and for high power LED use AN ULN2803 chip or a mosfet like this http://www.ebay.de/itm/TOP-MOSFET-IRF520-Switching-Driver-Modul-Button-Fur-Arduino-ARM-Raspberry-pi-/331864796232?var=&hash=item4d44aeec48:m:mwd5GmPlKAmEifAYUiQWllg or this http://www.ebay.de/itm/Four-Channel-For-Arduino-Switch-Module-Button-Irf540-V2-0-Mosfet-New-Diy-Ic-A-/231927145869?hash=item35ffef658d:g:MigAAOSwYmZXH3ia
  5. @Javier15 you need a 10 to 6 converter and bridge all GND point on the converter second is its not normal that all leds on on power on its only so when you use the invert function that i have activate in my invert pin pack
  6. i want to bring the source to the next stage I NEED A TEAM who can Help ?
  7. @orekl you can compile it for breakout but you must compile it by your self and find the right flash options in the www you! nest is yyou use the arduino mega 2560 with 16u2 and the 2560 the 16u2 ist only the converter from UART 2 USB !
  8. please use a USB ASP in the MEGA link you see the good and not good UAS ASP. when you have problems with the programming please flash first the Arduino with the Firmwares on the Two chips with the firmware in the package then you didnt become a STK error. I have flash yesterday on the same way
  9. and what was the problem with FP ? and little tip use Rowed pins or uuse glue to fix the cables
  10. So i have buy new Arduinos and habe the same Problems. You need a USB ASP please look thar you have the Fishl Design buy no on ebay with no driver needed they didnt work. The Problems are the China Bootloader so you need flash the 2560 bootloader and 16u2 bootloader this evening i will make a new video have make New packages https://mega.nz/#F!bdZHVaxK!3WmePgTED-3xQp8oj-ZfOA one package with inverted LED port so that High ist normal and low is on ( for the Relaisboards from ebay) Shorty way of fix a Arduino 1. Connect the USBASP to the ISP connector behind the USB Port. 2.Start the "0. Flash 8u2 - 16u2 Arduino Mega - with USBASP Dongle to Arduino.bat" 3. Connect the USBASP to the Second ISP port 4. Start the "Flash m2560 Unlock fuses, erase, verify - with USBASP Dongle.bat" 5. Start the "Flash m2560 Write the bootloader, set the lock fuse, verify - with USBASP Dongle.bat" Now you can flash it normaly
  11. you must Compile the the files to become HEX files that you can flash look in the oackage there is an readme Windows Prerequisites On Windows, you will need a copy of the latest Atmel Toolchain, either downloaded and installed as a standalone package, or installed as part of Atmel Studio. You will need to ensure that the "bin" directory of the toolchain is available in your system's PATH environment variable. In addition, you will need to install a ported version of the ZSH or BASH *nix shells, and a standard set of *nix utilities such as cut, find and sed. These can be found in the "basic" system package of the of the MinGW installer (http://www.mingw.org). Once installed, add the "msys\1.0\bin" of the MinGW installation folder is added to your system's PATH environment variable. The bootloaders currently also require the "bc" application, which can be installed from http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/downlinks/bc.php. Once installed add the "GnuWin32\bin" path of the GnuWin32 installation folder to your system's PATH environment variable. Linux Prerequisites On Linux systems you will need to install the latest Linux distribution of the standalone Atmel Toolchain from the Atmel website for general development, or use the latest avr-libc and avr-gcc packages for your chosen distribution's package manager. For full device support, the Atmel standalone package is recommended. When all done go to the Folder for you arduino like Arduino 2560 it looks so Open cmd as Admin go to the Folder where you have extract the zip File here on C:\ cd "c:\lwcloneu2-master\firmware\arduino_mega2560\" make all now the files will compiled
  12. stupi question have you compiled the source ? witch windows do you use when you have compiled the system. have you test to compile it on a other system like windows XP onetimes i had the problem that the compiling didnt work on my win7 PC
  13. sorry that i was away iam hard in work that was you mean can only work when yout have change _map_( A, 0, 0 ) /* ( AD0 ) Digital pin 22 */ \ _map_( A, 2, 0 ) /* ( AD2 ) Digital pin 24 */ \ _map_( A, 4, 0 ) /* ( AD4 ) Digital pin 26 */ \ to _map_( A, 0, 1 ) /* ( AD0 ) Digital pin 22 */ \ _map_( A, 2, 1 ) /* ( AD2 ) Digital pin 24 */ \ _map_( A, 4, 1 ) /* ( AD4 ) Digital pin 26 */ \ the "0" or "1" behind the ports in the config are for the normal state of the port if its "0" the Port is Low (OFF) when its "1" its High (ON) when you use a Relais board from ebay like Saintsmart you must change the pinmap.h and compile it new to have the Relais of in normal state the needs High inputs! I will Upload all new but my account is dead
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