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  1. yep same crash here. it has been reported to Freezy,
  2. As always very great work! Where do you find the time. SO Many hours i know that you have spent coloring. Anyways thanks for Sharing
  3. With the last release R5022, I noticed that the sound for Genesis/ Springbreak (System80b) was partly muted very low for parts. I reverted to an earlier build from may 17th/2019 to make sure that i'm not imagining this. The track had normal volume for the parts i am speaking of with earlier build. If you would like to try.
  4. Just tried this out earlier tonight. Very nice color choices for this. Hope to see more projects from you !
  5. @Endprodukt Very nice work so far. now that i have it working, Really like your color choices fit the WW theme well . I cant wait for next release. @outhere, @lucky1
  6. Well I'm about to download and without loading this up yet. I know this is GOING to be another very creative and colorful take on a DMD game. Thanks again NetzZWerg for pouring in Countless days and hundreds of hours to share with all of us. Cant wait to try this !
  7. Alright thanks again for looking into this issue. At least now know this is not because of me. I must say you are very quick to help out. I always see you jumping in for the Rescue, (3 sites) Much Appreciated!!!
  8. okay well, if you have it working something is wrong on my end. Thanks for the reply
  9. @lucky1 I am using the latest dll you posted 15 days ago. sambuild 4946
  10. Strange it crashes pinmame on me. pin2dmd luckys dll maybe i can try updating the FW I'm on 3.08
  11. @lucky1 Is this possible with the the other proc games (ED, Gremlins) . Dmd on pin2dmd.
  12. Good luck my friend, and thanks for all that you have done
  13. I am just wondering why on xenon and some other tables for example one of my lights will activate and stay on until I exit the table. It does not matter if I start a new game hit all the switches and whatever else may activate effects. It will say lit the same color until exit. I'm just worried it could Cause a light to burn out. I've also seen this happen with another users cab except he has a matrix still the same light will not deactivate till table exit. I don't think this is normal. Thanks for any advice
  14. I'm glad you decided to pick up on this project. looking really good. Cant wait to try on my pin2dmd
  15. Thanks can't wait to load it up later tonight
  16. So I went in and changed my driver's with zadig. From Libusb. to win usb 6.1.7. And it is working now. Thanks @lucky1 @outhere for the quick response to help
  17. and i just now replaced the (Original) ep-desktop-pygame.py back in the the cactuscanyon ep directory. and the game works again but it is not displaying on the pin2dmd like i had setout to do. i do know that lucky mentions firmware 5.05, im on 5.08 i looked on the pin2dmd github to downgrade . but could not find it , maybe @lucky1 could chime knows what going on here ?
  18. yes i unblocked both, placed the files into the proper places . now it is force closing the game. back to desktop closing out vpx.
  19. Im trying to use this. all it does it start CCC The b2s and then it force closes back to desktop. i believe my pin2dmd is 3.08 . here is my log thank you this would be nice to have working as i did on my virtual dmd. log.txt
  20. Thanks for the wonderful easy, and Very quick shipment. Very well packed. and Professional Build. If anyone is looking for one of these go with Dan . You wont be disappointed
  21. I have a chance to purchase a pin2dmd from a seller. Assembled. already I am wondering do I need to make any mods to it to use for my Vpin. If so what do I need. (power supply, cables) I could give link to add if needed. Thanks
  22. Pure Magic! as always Martin Loving you color work on this,
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