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  1. Wow another fantastic full color project. Where do you find the time thanks so much.!! Looking forward to this
  2. I must say malenko, watching this from going to just a forum comment to steady wip releases. I am amazed at the work and apparent effort that has gone into the colorization. I have been with you on this since the first release. It came out really nice. I can't even imagine the hours that you have poured into this one. especially since i know that with all the different scenes it was very difficult and as previous comments state. I know i could not have the patience to do what you have. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your creative take on this with us all . Well done !
  3. Glad to hear that you have it sorted. That's why we are all here is to enjoy this wonderful content . And lend help to one another if needed
  4. Over 500-600 hours spent on this? It definitely shows. This colorization is Breathtaking !! Amazing work thank you so much for sharing this with us all .
  5. Thanks for the continued updates. I'm thankful to have you all here. Excited to try bords ss now with the the fix
  6. The work that is completed so far is Really well done., Thank you for this. It fits this game really nicely . I hope that you pick this back up
  7. Very nice work. Your a machine. I can't imagine how much it takes with those dynamic scenes. Thanks for your patience with this work. It will be worth this fine achievement
  8. The intermittent release are cool. as i get to see the progression real time , and what it takes to make this a reality and the hours you put in i can't imagine. But am very thankful that you are sharing with us .. As i said before this combined with pinsound is Amazing and brings this game to life!!
  9. Yes when Netzzwerg is completed. Have patience it will be worth the wait. remember these authors have lives too!
  10. Yes I noticed this also. It also happens for tmnt. Either way no biggie i am grateful for the many improvements that are being made to the code Thanks !
  11. Did you try DMDext ? i will link the Vpjunkies Faq with install instructions. I think that you are going to need to use Dmdext to mirror the ccc Dmd. with a custom size for the dmd.. one thing did you try changing the pixel size in the config.yaml? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y42BR2gs9qQ__ZTI8cD2b45wkRhBDXJr/view
  12. Really good progress on this so far, thanks for pouring in the hours. This and pinsound really bring this table to life. Its amazing !
  13. For the DMD position all i did was copy my coordinates from dmddevice.ini . Plug those into config.yaml (proc/games) and it worked. Also the CC table i updated the tables script from thalamus Github page of updated scripts , i didn't even have to plug in any startup for dmd-ext into my frontend (pinball x ) for the table to successfully launch or exit
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