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  1. I managed to access the menu by quickly pressing the buttons and made a save config with the inserted sd, so it does not cut more, but it only works with the 2.11
  2. -with 2.60 it's still the same bug -I put the 2.11 it works again on the other hand when I put the SD with the .DAT and .PAL created with pin2dmd.exe new version the pin2dmd turns on then goes off in 3s, one must surely the old pin2dmd.exe !?
  3. Bingo !! Thank you very much do I update to 2.60?
  4. the references of the chips give a result?
  5. Yes is 429ZI 2.11 gives a different bug I upload the video
  6. I exchange LED panels, Hud cable, power cables, flash firmware st and pin2dmd (news 2.60), check welds but nothing to always bugs ..
  7. hello, I built a pin2dmd xl for my dataeast maverick, but he has a concern for image shift on the right side, I reversed 2 led panel but the same. have seen an idea to solve my problem
  8. thank you go configuration with pin2dmd editor :@
  9. omg I pierced the good: o. I'm kidding, here's the picture!
  10. ok thank you very much and how can I do little to activate this card instead of the other?
  11. it's good with the firmware update it starts on the external power supply. the display bug disappeared with the original stm it lacks more than the activation of the official stm
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