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  1. just tested under sigil mod table and VR, very nice ,already playable.Good job, ty for the sharing
  2. the rom take a lot of time to start , is it expected?
  3. I'm not an huge fan of dataeast tables because I' dont like their sound and theirs pictures but with this wonderful rom and the pinstudio , it make very fun to play. Good job, thank you for this great game
  4. congrats incredible work. Was not getting fun from this table before. Now it's another story exccelent with those gorgeous color.still some bug but very enjoyable fo the moment
  5. check the voltage of your panel mine was lower than the regular 5v (doesn't show up at that level, you need to use a step down converter and go to 4.5v, o ruse the small switch on the side of your power supply if it's possible)
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