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  1. Thanks for your answer, but i tried it and not work. Windows reconized the STM32 with a good driver.
  2. Hello everyone I make a face a PIN2DMD a little annoying ... Until now everything worked very well. I changed my graphics card and since when I launch the PC, the PIN2DMD is well recognized with its driver libusb-win32 but then, as soon as I test a rom with VPinName, VPinName freezes, the DMD displays 'PIN2DMD' in red and or after a while, the DMD turns off. For the time being: - I reflash the card and install the latest version of PIN2DMD, - handed the old graphics card (nothing to see but had to try) - Change the USB cable ... Nothing works Do you have an idea? Thank you! Sorry for my english i use translate for this post....
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