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  1. It's like that for me, what I did wrong ?
  2. So Instead of 10 Bumper Back Left and 10 Bumper Middle Left I should Use 8 Bumper Left ?
  3. You're right... I got rid of combo 4,5 and 6... didn't know I can use the same combo on two ports... so now I have 4,5,6 slots free again Thanks!
  4. Had to use chrome, inspect element, get rid of disabled="" from html elements for 3rd option selector and add button to save
  5. Managed to add Combo 9 for RGB Addr with PF Left Flashers MX and PF Left Effects MX now trying to add Combo 10 with the same scheme for PF Right but can't select the second thing... only one ...
  6. Not much more, but always additional 2... but dunno how to add them, I have 8 and the next row shows disable add button. please advice.
  7. Dof Config Tool - Can we have more Combo Slots than 8 ? I've used all of them and still need 2 more Can we ?
  8. Any1 can tell me why making in the script Const UseSolenoids = 2 to use fast flips doubles the sound of the flippers?
  9. Using it makes my flippers stuck in up position constantly... is it because of it or something else I don't know ?
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