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  1. It seems like this could be a feature request at some point. As cheap and as easy to come by the Addressable LED's are, I'm imaging a table where all LED's are controlled by a teensy and daisychained LED's
  2. So I have boatloads of Addressable RGB leds, and the wiring in my opinion is easier than having a bunch of home runs to my PACLED64... So solving two problems I'd like to run the addressable LED's that I have already. The question I have is: Can I single out just one or two LED's in a "strip" to have them act as a non RGB led? Example: Start Button, Launch Button, Fire Button, Coin LED's etc... I've tried setting them up as a 1Wx1H LED strip, but it occurred to me there would be no where to set the color... I guess I was hoping to find a spot to set the color of a single addressable RGB led to emulate a single color LED. The way I'd picture it looking is something like the attached image, then in the Cabinet.xml file there would be a way to assign a color to the 1x1 toy. I couldn't find anything while searching so forgive me if this has been asked and answered.
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