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  1. Game Of Thrones - In Vp10 Sometime In 2017 :)

    I suggest go buy one.
  2. Okay... I would like to know why medals must be implemented in Walking Dead?
  3. Wip - Groni Pinball - Stern - Family Guy

    YA! i got a turtorial at midnight from fren lastnight! LOL!
  4. Wip - Groni Pinball - Stern - Family Guy

    If your to busy ask for help... theres a shit ton of us here!
  5. Star Trek

    Fren..... im afraid your forgot something....... a sprinkle of awesomeness!
  6. Star Trek

    I don't think its frens hardware at all... VPX is in beta testing... what more needs to be said.
  7. wow! great table GTx!! plays great!, and fairly easy to follow!! thanks again! have a great holiday!
  8. Indiana Jones Wip - Freneticamnesic

    Ugh... To be a table author... (BRO HIGH FIVE FREN!)
  9. Indiana Jones Wip - Freneticamnesic

    Hmmmm..... I must say.. Lighting looks awesome! Nice work bud!!
  10. Indiana Jones Wip - Freneticamnesic

    nice work ROUND EYE!
  11. an the hint of smoke or fog!? LMAO
  12. Looks like its goin into meltdown! Lol! That's intense!
  13. Currently Unable To Access Chat

    The one day I try to log on chat... It no work!
  14. 24 (Stern)(2009)(Freneticamnesic)(Fs)(Vp990)

  15. Spiderman Fs (Stern) (2007) (85Vett)

    Awesome job vette!! Glad to see your back!