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  1. Thanks for your excellent work! Much appreciated!!!
  2. Thanks! I was able to get it resolved. I had to use the --fx3-legacy switch.
  3. How did you get this solved? I am having the same issue. Solid orange pin2dmd v3. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I just discovered your Champions League table and it looks incredible. Is there anywhere on the net that i can download it with all the files needed? I saw that the VPX is available on this site but it is missing the Ultra DMD folder and maybe some other files. Not sure. I would love to play it! Thanks a million!!

  5. If you have a real DMD there's also a checkmark for PinDMD. I'm not sure what you're asking.
  6. Nevermind - i just noticed the cabinet mode tickmark in the setup defaults - - thanks!
  7. Does anyone know where i can get a cabinet friendly DLL for the newest VPinMame that has the newer Stern games listed in the rom list? The one i have now won't remember the DMD placement. Thanks!
  8. Diplomatic immunity revoked!! I love this freaking table. The lighting looks killer.
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