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  1. Thank You GRONI for this work. Very nice table and plays really good
  2. Tom has created magic that has made my custom list obsolete. https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/19062-deprecated-see-gameexgameex-arcade-v1478-mame-xml-generator-for-pinballx/?do=findComment&comment=168292 If you have the latest GameEX installed just update list and then check location GameEx\DATA\PINBALLX It automatically creates XML files for use with PBX \o/ \o/
  3. Someone could create a custom DMD image or pic that displays 155.000
  4. Didn't Rosve upload a table to VPF saying it was Fish Tales and it turned out to be a VPU table. I'm pretty sure I got a good laugh out of that if I'm remembering correctly
  5. translite deadly weapon


  6. No to your first question, but for every XML you have you can set it to do that XML only so others are not shown. Sometimes I do MAME only or Physics Mod 5 or VPX only. It works really well.
  7. I manually created the list using QMC2 which displays in notes tab if game is vertical or horizontal also showing native resolution.
  8. Thanks Wildman. I've been telling people for years that your work is the best.
  9. I love this table! Thanks so much for this work and post
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