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  1. I am stuck and don't know where to go. None of my VPX tables will load through pinballx front end. I get the error Visual Pinball can not load a file of the version. outside of pinballx i can load the tables and play them with no problem. I am running VPX 10.5 and the latest pinballx. the forced to full screen is unchecked in VPX. I am not sure of what to do next. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  2. No none of the tables are named anything with pm5, and I am currently using a keyboard as the controller and dont see where to check calibration. I have many other tables that play fine but just a few that wont load a ball. etting on the dmd and wont start.
  3. So I got several tables where i can insert coins and the plunger works but when i hit the start key a ball never shows up to play and suggestions
  4. I have several tables, Lord of the rings, Batman 66, TMNT 1991 Data East, A Real American Hero that i have the correct rom for in the rom folder and some of the tables will load fine in the desktop mode of visual pinball x but when i go under preferences and tick the box to use the cabinet mode and the fs background it says the rom is not found. Some will load and allow me to put coins in but wont start and deposit a ball, flippers wont activate but coin buttons work. any help is appreciated, getting frustrated. thanks
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