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  1. mrmadmike

    Do I need a V4 shield for pin2dmd firmware to connect?

    fixed, had winusb as the driver. installed libusb and all seems well at this point
  2. mrmadmike

    dmdext gives pin2dmd not found. help

    that was it, had winusb installed probably read that 100 times, just kept reinstalling winusb. thanks for the nudge.
  3. mrmadmike

    dmdext gives pin2dmd not found. help

    I am using the v1.7.1 of DMDext. Nucleo 144 F429 with pin2dmd v2.55 installed and ACTIVATED. I get the following: C:\DMDext>dmdext test [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:28.945 INFO | Launching console tool. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:28.974 INFO | PinDMDv1 device not found. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:28.996 INFO | PinDMDv2 device not found. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.000 INFO | Checking port COM1 for PinDMDv3... [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.078 ERROR | Error: The parameter is incorrect. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.078 INFO | PinDMDv3 device not found. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.078 DEBUG | PIN2DMD device not found. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.145 INFO | Added VirtualDMD renderer. [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.155 INFO | Resizing virtual DMD to 128x32 [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.155 INFO | Setting up Render Graph for 1 destination(s) [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.155 INFO | Connecting Image Source to Dmd (Bitmap => Bitmap) [1] 2018/08/16 08:39:29.187 INFO | Press CTRL+C to close. [5] 2018/08/16 08:39:59.452 DEBUG | Disposing Render Graph... [5] 2018/08/16 08:39:59.452 INFO | Source for 1 renderer(s) stopped. ^C C:\DMDext>dmdext test -d pin2dmd [1] 2018/08/16 08:48:32.345 INFO | Launching console tool. [1] 2018/08/16 08:48:32.388 DEBUG | PIN2DMD device not found. [1] 2018/08/16 08:48:32.389 ERROR | Device PIN2DMD is not available. The USB registry shows VID_0314&PID_E457 which sort of matches what the code is looking for when parsing the registry list. I have been at this problem for about a week trying all sorts of suggested solutions. I know I have probably missed something since I seem to be the only one with this problem. Any help or direction would be appreciated. Thanks MIke
  4. Do I need the V4 shield as a minimum to allow the Freezy DMDext test to work? I am using the Nucleo-144 with the f429 chip. I have uploaded the v2.55.bin firmware. It is registered and activated. This pic is my minimal connection showing it is working. however the DMDext program from Freezy 1.7.1 does not see it. PinMame setup does not see it. The DMDdevice log file does not even mention Pin2Dmd. I found an old DMDdevice.dll in a folder called PIN2DMD within the c:\visual pinball\pinMame folder that works with pinMame setup and serveral VPX games. I used the installer from VPforums to install visual pinball. This is my pin2dmd showing Elvis working. This is ok for the tables I have downloaded but will not work with the latest Stranger Things SE ultradmd requirement. Any thoughts? Directions? I have read a gazillion threads and 'fixes' so I thought maybe it is a hardware problem. Mike