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  1. Dont use Double-sided tape on side rails, i didnt no need really, just the 2 screw holes front and rear.
  2. v3.02 works with my STM32 Discovery using Freezys. Thanks lucky1.
  3. Not sure then i dont own a PinDMD3.
  4. Have you tried freezy 1.7.1 dll's ?
  5. i reinstalled Ultra DMD , restarted, it works now.
  6. Yes will be fine, i have Ryzen 5 2600x, RX 580 8g oc card, and same hdd, no problems.Just remember windows defender will cause issues,so permanent disable if in a cab.
    Thankyou Wildman, Only the Best.👌
  7. Major Frenchy covered this in an update on the VPU General Discussion .
  8. Run the all in one installer 10.5.
  9. Excellent Backglass, Thankyou Wildman.👌
  10. Same here,works perfect no issues.
  11. Been running the 10.6 Beta for a mth with updated sambuild, no issues,system running fine.👌
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