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  1. Did you ever resolve this? I just got my teensy plugged into my cab and Freeze dll does not work and when exiting a vpx game everything locks up. What could be wrong on my end?
  2. Thanks for the hard work getting the updated VPX table. I am having an issue however, Is there anyone else having trouble getting the backglass to show for this? Thanks in advance for any help in getting the backglass to show
  3. Hello Terry, I love your work and have been following you for sometime now. I just started work on by cab and I wanted to ask if you can provide me some details on your playfield angle as well as the height of your 6 line addressable LEDs you have. I really love the addressable LEDs but there is just not a ton of information about them online. Is your table at an angle or does it lay flat? Can you provide me the height of your 6 strip addressable LEDs that you have so I can get a good understanding of how much space I should leave for when I actually attempt to emulate what you and Rand created and displayed in your videos. Thanks you for your response!!
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