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  1. Any tips on this problem?? anyone else ever had this issue? pin2dmd has been working fine since I bought it a couple of months ago and now a thick blue line flickers on and off... ive tried reseating the USB and ribbon cables with no luck... thanks in advance for any tips... IMG_9816.MOV
  2. still no luck....!!! test only comes back saying the program is not recognised ect... sould running test show something in my pin2dmd?? getting frustrated lol
  3. PinballX but ive just been playing it straight through steam.. do I need to put it into a folder with fx3 then for it to work?
  4. I've been trying to workout how to get my pin2dmd working with pinball fx3.... i installed it all as per the instructions from freezy... if I run test all I get is a message saying it's not a recognised internal or external command... if I run the program it only quickly flashes up and seems to do nothing. Flashes up so fast that I used my phone to do a video then took a screen shot with the video paused to see what it said... here are the screen shots... one of the error and the other of when I started the program and it just flashed up... thanks in advance for any advice...
  5. Hey guys... thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out at all... I can't get the lockdown/fire button to work no matter what button I assign to it any more. im using a pinscape encoder and my launch button I want to use is working fine as I've tested it over and over in notepad... no matter what I assign the button to it does nothing at all either with the pinscape or keyboard... map the lockdown/fire to say Z and try it in a game like AC/DC for the cannon and map the encoder to Z... press keyboard or encoder and it does nothing at all...??? any tips??? cheers.....
  6. Bingo.... thanks heaps... looks like that did the trick
  7. Got a strange issue... if I play say AC/DC luci... before I enabled the pin2dmd for the first time the table would play fine... once im using pin2dmd the backglass crashes vpx. i can move the backglass file on to the desktop and start a game and it plays fine and pin2dmd works fine... I can even move that backglass fine back into the tables menu and as long as I don't close the editor it will also play fine once launched... but if I close vpx completely then come back in to play the same table it crashes... need to remove the backglass file from tables ect ect ect again to get to to not crash.... this seems to happen with all Sam games... any tips??? thanks...
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