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  1. I still have no news of the order, no email, no explanations, false tracking number ... I still waiting ... I'm disgusted ...
  2. What should I do to have answers ... I ordered for 200 € on the website of Rappelbox, unfortunately he not inform its customers of changes in orders or difficulties encountered. That already been several days since my order is paid state ( I know this because Rappelbox have my money!). By cons when I'm sending emails or MP, he read but not responding ... It ' is not at all serious on the part of someone who wants to do business ... I can understand when people say it's hard or there is an impediment but say nothing is serious ... I don't know if I will one day have my order or get my money ... I'm very disappointed between this story and and the previous when UncleSash's shields ordered not working and who also did not respond to my FB messages ... Fortunately Lucky does well is work ... This is not the case of people who benefits financially…
  3. Thank You Lucky1 I test with an another shield and it's works!
  4. I don't understand how have a shared ground but if I turn the data cable I have no image but no blue led too
  5. What are the files appear in the sdcard? For me I have : pin2dmd.key and PIN2DMD.dat Is it correct?
  6. Yes it's plug in the right direction I test in an attack from mars and it's the same problem
  7. Hello, first thank you Lucky1 for the job! I have a problem concerning the integration into a real pinball. I test in a "The Champion Pub". For information everything works on vp when i'm on visual pinball. I can change the palette by pin2dmd.exe and therefore choose the type of machine. For the pinball I have the logo that appears with WPC95 when the pinball is on I have the blue LED that works but I have a black screen. Do you have a solution? thank you in advance For information I use the shield V2.0b by UncleSash
  8. Hi rappelbox, I sent you a pm for pre-order a V2 in option 3 (DIY) but no reply… Is it always possible to pre-order? how to begin to order? Thx in advance
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