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  1. Hey guys Just got my pin2dmd working now so starting looking at creating a colour file for it Just checking if anyone has a dump of the DMD? Or work in progress file? If not I will do it on my machine but wanted to see if I could save time
  2. Help building PIN2DMD

    You sir are a genius it now works the resistor array I got were sharing a common ground on pin 1, had some 220ohm resitors that I put in and it now works perfectly. Time to get to grips with the colourisation and get a dmd dump of the Flintstones. Thanks for all the help hopefully I can help other out with my new found knowledge
  3. Help building PIN2DMD

    Ok did this and pins 1,3,5 all say "pin 5 closed" when connected to GND. Pins 7,9,11,13 all say "pin 11 closed" what should this say in a working display connected to a real machine?? As soon as the ribbon cable is attached to the DMD driver board it says "pin 11 closed" which makes me think there is a GND short in the DMD driver board rather than anything to do with the pin2dmd setup. Does this sound correct? Don't want to start a wild goose chase on other parts if it is another issues on the pin2dmd I have missed
  4. Help building PIN2DMD

    Ok, little update checked the SD card reader and there was no connection from the SD card header to the DO resistor on the SD module, added a jumper wire and now it boots with the SD card inserted and seems to be saving pallet files to the card, set it to williams/bally in the program next issue to arise plunged into my Flintstones and all it shows in the pin2dmd logo and no DMD image tried all sorts of different thing but it will not shift off the logo screen. I have gone into the pin2dmd menu to the test input to see if that shows anything when the dmd ribon cable is disconnected it says "ALL PINS OPEN" and when the ribbon cable is plugged in it says "PIN 11 CLOSED" could this be the issues? Gonna take the display driver out of the machine to check the connections on that board now
  5. Help building PIN2DMD

    Yeah tried 2 different cards, I think both may be cheap cards, just ordered a SanDisk one to try. The rest of the dmd works great and all registered thanks for all your work guys this is gonna look great in my Flintstones!!
  6. Help building PIN2DMD

    Ok my bad one one thing I had changed the hub75 connector on the sheild for a male one to use the loom supplied with the LED modules, which ment that the connections were all out of line!! Now it boots up One thing tho, it doesn't seem to boot up with a SD card inserted, works fine if the sd car is removed, is this normal? What format should the sd card be in?
  7. Help building PIN2DMD

    Hi Guys, Please help me, i cant figure out what i am doing wrong!! i want to build this for my real pinball machine so i built up the V4 shield, got a Nucleo-144. I followed the instructions on pin2dmd. installed the firmware all seem good, Installed the windows driver eventually. When i plug it into the LED pannels i either get notthing or random lines everywhere i have tried updating the firmware to 2 different ones, one from the ST utility and one i found on another post and no luck, are the LED panels i got the wrong ones?? these are my panels from this aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Low-price-Shenzhen-led-factory-led-module-rgb-p2-5-64x32-64-32-dots-programmable-digital/32652644486.html?spm=2114.13010708.0.0.3a994c4daHGFTm please can someone point me in the right direction?? cheers loz