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  1. Lovely, Rappelbox put me down for a V2.0 Card assembled and tested. Thank you.
  2. Will you make the 2.0 version with the real pin filter on the card?
  3. Ahh, sorry. Using tapatalk and haven't checked the threads. Only used the "participated" function
  4. Just as a little side note. Anyone found the correct colorize colors to get the classic Amber (orange) color? When I try it's to yellow and when I tweak it, it will go green or red instead of Amber. So anyone got closer than me?
  5. There must be some error in Pin2DMD installation - FW and Driver 11-29-2015.pdf Under point 6 there is drivers from a dropbox mentioned... where is this dropbox or has this been replaced by the drivers folder on github? The names does not match anything there though...
  6. More on this build in this thread: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27352
  7. All tough we haven't fitted it in a cab yet. There is a small block housing the IR receiver that protrudes down 4mm from the frame that might be a small problem.
  8. Yes, don't buy the Swedex one. We tried it too but had to send it back because of the input lag. We also bought Samsung ones instead. But we went for the EU46F5005 as it was on sale for 4490 SEK (about $660). Very nice picture and with the Game mode on there is no discernible input lag.
  9. Nice, but if you are going to have a TV and a computer in the lower box I think you might need more air holes than on the pic. But I guess its work in progress still. Skickat från min Nexus 7 via Tapatalk
  10. Nice work. This will be used in my to be cabinet. I have planed more toys than 32 outputs can handle and was glad to see I didn't need to prioritize any away But I do wonder if this will decrease the need for high end GTX cards. Hopefully the gifted programers will move the code up the direct x ladder a few steps
  11. Well, thought I'd start the official build thread for my to be cabinet. So far I've just collected information but today I tested out the computer hardware. Specs: Asrock P55 Extreme motherboard Intel i5-760 2,8 GHz CPU cooled by Noctua NH-U12 4GB DDR3 1600 MHz memory Vertex 2 128GB SSD Hard-drive Nvidia GTX 660 graphics card So I put some screens up to test the rig out. The only screen that actually will be in the build is the middle 17". It ran smooth like silk. Tested a few tables and not a stutter in sight and all the graphic looked right (as you might have read in another thread, it will not on a Radeon HD 4870). Well, I'm building together with a few other people (to make a few bucks on shared shipping and such) so now the build will wait a month for the next salary to come in so we all can buy the big screens. It's about $752 for the superslim 46" (http://www.swedx.se/product_info.php?products_id=575&language=en) and about $285 for the 32" (No link as we've not yet decided witch one to have). Then it will really start up with some woodwork and such. Until then... see a in the forums where I will continue to ask noob questions and such Ps, I'm from Sweden (The land of the never setting sun and ABBA )
  12. This is a neon sign with a simple design that I like. It could easily be made into side art I think.
  13. Nah there is to much detail in it. Remove all but the flaming guy (The flash?), supermens and pinball. A nice black background. But as we say in Sweden: Taste is like the behind, parted.
  14. This problem might be something for a devloper of VP to set his/her teeth into. It wouldn't be a biggie to make sure all tables start with the door closed for example... Or even better actually read the state of a button. Using a normally open routine. That is the door is considered closed if the button is not pressed and open if the button is pressed. This should be an option of cource. Not all will have the door wired. Skickat från min HTC One med Tapatalk 4
  15. Finally got the VP computer together with the 4870 card installed. Tables ran smooth as silk but... as reported above there were some visual errors. Especially on things that are transparent. For example the big middle spaceship in AFM (JPsalas). It looked like it´d been rasterized for printing. So I guess I have to go get me a new GFX card. I think I'll go for the Nvidia GTX 660 when checking price/performance factors. Do you think the 660 could manage all three screens by it self (It says it can handle 4 screens on the box) or do I need a second card?
  16. And the swedx uses Samsung panels if I recal correctly.
  17. I checked the UK site for that Samsung and it says: Set without Stand (W x H x D): 1037 x 622.3 x 34.4mmSo no go there. It's also about $1785. There is a Swedx super slim one that is 600mm (23,62") that is only about $750. It will still require a slot but not a very deep one, http://www.swedx.se/product_info.php?products_id=575
  18. Well Issues in the past. Two users above have no problems. Allthough with newer cards but AMD have released new drivers that might have fixed the issues. I'll report back when I have tried it out.
  19. The 4870 is a faster card than the 5750 according to Toms Hardwares chart. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107-7.html But probably only just slight as it's only one tier above the 5750. I think I'm gonna try my 4870 out (new drivers come out all the time) before writing it off.
  20. Okey, I'm about to order new computer hardware for my desktop gaming rig. Old stuff goes into VP cabinet. But how about that gfx card. Will the GeForce GTX 650 1gb (gddr5) be enough? Or do I need the Ti version or even more expensive?
  21. If the specs posted are to be trusted they are 350 mAh. They are so cheap so just buy and use a multimeter to make sure
  22. Another way to fix this would be to get the plunger from Virtuapin. It has 15 joystick button inputs. They do not repeat. They are on or off. You will get a great plunger and nudge control at the same time But it's $159 plus shipping. Bit expensive for this problem I guess. It's going into my cab though (only at the planing stage as of now).
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