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  1. I ordered 1, package delivered from US to the NL within 10 days. It has a good place in my room now
  2. If you make an update, would you add coin chute to the menu ? ' Dip Switches ' ================================================================== ' Gottlieb Robo-War ' originally added by Inkochnito ' Updated Switches 8, 31, and 32 ' Added Coin chute by Mike da Spike Sub editDips Dim vpmDips : Set vpmDips = New cvpmDips With vpmDips .AddForm 700,400,"Robo-War - DIP switches" .AddFrame 2,4,190,"Left Coin Chute (Coins/Credit)",&H0000001F,Array("4/1",&H0000000D,"2/1",&H0000000A,"1/1",&H00000000,"1/2",&H00000010) 'Dip 1-5 .AddFrame 2,80,190,"Right Coin Chute (Coins/Credit)",&H00001F00,Array("4/1",&H00000D00,"2/1",&H00000A00,"1/1",&H00000000,"1/2",&H00001000) 'Dip 9-13 .AddFrame 2,160,190,"Center Coin Chute (Coins/Credit)",&H001F0000,Array("4/1",&H000D0000,"2/1",&H000A0000,"1/1",&H00000000,"1/2",&H00010000) 'Dip 17-21 .AddFrame 2,240,190,"3rd coin chute credits control",&H20000000,Array("no effect",0,"add 9",&H20000000)'dip 30 .AddFrame 207,4,190,"Maximum Credits",49152,Array("8",0,"10",32768,"15",&H00004000,"20",49152)'dip 15&16 .AddFrame 207,80,190,"Coin Chute Left and Right Control",&H00002000,Array("Separate",0,"Same",&H00002000)'dip 14 .AddFrame 207,126,190,"Playfield Special",&H00200000,Array("Special",0,"Extra Ball",&H00200000)'dip 22 .AddFrame 207,172,190,"Highest Games to Date Control",&H00000020,Array("No Effect",0,"Reset High Games #2-#5 on Power Off",&H00000020)'dip 6 .AddFrame 207, 218, 190, "Auto-Percentage Control", &H00000080, Array("Disabled (Normal High Score Mode)", 0, "Enabled", &H00000080)'dip 8 .AddFrame 207, 264, 190, "Alpha Drop Bank Sequence", &H40000000, Array("Also Award ROBOWAR Letter", 0, "Light Extra Ball Only", &H40000000)'dip 31 .AddFrame 207, 310, 190, "Number of Active ADV X Targets", &H80000000, Array("More", 0, "Less", &H80000000)'dip 32 .AddFrame 412,4,190,"Highest Game to Date Awards",&H00C00000,Array("None (Not Displayed)",0,"None",&H00800000,"2 Replay",&H00400000,"3 Replay",&H00C00000)'dip 23&24 .AddFrame 412,80,190,"Balls/Game",&H01000000,Array("5",0,"3",&H01000000)'dip 25 .AddFrame 412,126,190,"Replay Limit",&H04000000,Array("No Limit",0,"1",&H04000000)'dip 27 .AddFrame 412,172,190,"Novelty",&H08000000,Array("Normal",0,"Score 500,000 in Place of Extra Ball and Special",&H08000000)'dip 28 .AddFrame 412,218,190,"Game Mode",&H10000000,Array("Replay",0,"Extra Ball",&H10000000)'dip 29 .AddChk 412,316,180,Array("Match",&H02000000)'dip 26 .AddChk 412,331,190,Array("Attract Mode Sound",&H00000040)'dip 7 .AddLabel 50,360,300,20,"After hitting OK, press F3 to reset game with new settings." .ViewDips End With End Sub Set vpmShowDips = GetRef("editDips")
  3. Did you run, after installing the latest sambuild, the setup again and install the com object?
  4. Ok. Maybe I did something wrong. But all the roms where on normall colors again. I switched back to an older version and the roms started the work on colors again. Like Sega's South Park, Creature from the black lagoon, fish tales etc ( not sure the rom names on top of my head) Must be a setting on my side if it is working for others. Thanks guys, I will update again and see whats happening.
  5. With 4802, my colorization files (in altcolor) won't work. Just default colors
  6. Notified too, that when entering a high score, you cannot see which letters are selected. Counting from a-> letter is the only thing I could do ... Is that easy to modify ?
  7. Can't you change within vpx the coin assignment ? It was a time ago, but I assigned ports from my virtuapin controller also to the coins button
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