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  1. Finally i manage to complete the procedere with succes i do not know what is the problem but now i have a recognized ledwiz clone. I have fixed dll access violation error with new dll and I have an original working ledwiz so i know how it should work but now i have 5v when led is off and it only shot down led when i put britness to 0. Essentially on off button in test led NewLedTester.exe do not work for me. I took 5V from arduino mega pin 22 and connect small RGB LED to pin 24,26,28
  2. Hi to all i have tried everything with no result at all. My arduino mega china clone have (really stange) DFU so first time i am able to flash it with FLIP and all seems ok and it is recongnized from SimpleLEDTest.exe (id 4????) but signal from port are wrong and it is impossible to use. I have tried to reflash with flip with the result that it is no more recognized by SimpleLEDTest (No led controller detected) I have USBASP and 10 to 6 pin adapter so i started back from zero and i have no error at all and i ended all part with perfect result i have reattached mega with usb and i have 3 device (ultimate ....) with libusb driver but SimpleLEDTest or Change ArduLW ID give me no device (No led controller detected) I have used zadig to change usb driver to winusb and i have 3 device called UltimaPincontroll but SimpleLEDTest or Change ArduLW ID give me no device (No led controller detected) I am using win 10 and for me it is difficoulkt to find a win7 pc to try over it is possibile to use a virtual machine? I have tried more then 10 times. Please help me to figure out the problem
  3. thanks lucky1 you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reduced led panel voltage from 5.3 to 4.75 and perfect image Now i can send a donation to activate it
  4. I have bought an original stm board but i am able only to obtain the same result of the chinese one wrong graphic on panel i have checked connection more than 10 times stanrting every time from zero. Please help me , i have a LED chinese panal pheraps i use the wrong pinout? Pin 1 of hub75 is the one with red ribbon and an arrow over it is this correct? 4 status led Led on STM are off only th red one is on all other led are red, and i see an usb device on windows? Pheraps it is in the wrong devide mode? I have no sd no schield and latest 2.60 firmware with direct connection and only want to test pc connection and panel connection I have updade ST-Link firmware and declared in instruction than reflashed 2.60 firmware I have find this on instruction 1) Troubleshoot with the on Board LED´s  BLUE led = input DATA received (toggling)  RED led = SD Card error / Device Mode 0 on startup (use BLUE USER Button to get in to it)  ORANGE led= smart color change detected (toggling)  GREEN led = hash color change detected (toggling) 2)Device Modes: 1 - PinMame USB Mode with output to RGB DMD (16Pin HUB75 or HUB08) 2 - PinMame USB Mode with output to Pinball DMD (14Pin PinDMD Header) 3 - WPC Input – input from PinDMD -> output to RGB DMD (HUB75 / HUB08) 4 - STERN Input – input from PinDMD -> output to RGB DMD (HUB75 / HUB08) 3) Switch to Device Mode 0 to have USB access  Press the “BLUE USER” Button at the boot OR boot with NO SD CARD or with NO Config file on the SD Card
  5. Thanks a lot lucky1 i'll triple check connection even i am quite sure that they are correct and i'll buy an original STM32F4 board asap. Let me ask tree question just to help me to point out if i have made some mistake: 1)i have powered stm32F4 board from mini usb connector it is enouth or i have to power it with my 5V 20 AMP power that is connected only to led panel? 2)for virtual pinball i have to use micro or mini usb or both for data connection? 3)if something is wrong or cheap chinese board are not working is there a way to test led panel because the are completely black i do non t see anaything, they seems completely powered off Thanks for your help and beautiful work.
  6. Unfortunatly i have buy one i have tried it but with no result led panel are totally off. How i can test if Led panel are ok or hoe i can test STM32F4 without panel? Firmware is flashed correctly i belive and windown recognize the board using zadig. Please help me thanks i 'll buy an original one but i want to test led panel if it is possible. Just to test i have made a direct connection but now with st utility i cannot connect to st link anymore while before i can connect i need to change driver with zadig before try to reflash firmware. thanks
  7. Hello Rappelbox, I would like to order one 4. RGB DMD Display + Board assembled and tested 78,- shipping to Italy. I have only a little question:it is possible instead of cutting the plastic frame (it can be difficoult? coul you please post a photo of your work on it) to create a new support (made of wood or alluminuim) anf fix the display (after detach it from plastic frame) to it?
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