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  1. Ah, a subtle reminder as to why so many of us authors have quit releasing tables.
  2. How about a Cactus Jack? The only one that I've found is static.
  3. Vampiro, do you have the PF? I have a hi-res PF with the light inserts cut out that I did for DeeGor when he was working on this. Let me know if you need it and I'll send it your way.
  4. Too bad you'll get measles if you go there.
  5. Right, like I'm going to blame you for holding up the project that I've been working on for years I think everyone realizes that when I show a WIP that looks done it will still take another year or 2 before release.
  6. Here's what I have for plastics. You might already have them but here they are:
  7. If you find some halfway decent resources, I'd do the redrawing. Really cool old table.
  8. Thanks Wildman. Hopefully the table won't take too much longer. @arngrim I'll try to get you a copy soon for DOFing.
  9. Thanks guys but really all thanks for the ramps goes to Koadic. He did a fantastic job with the primitives.
  10. File Name: Bad Girls (Premier)(1988)(Bodydump Koadic)(1.0)(FS) File Submitter: bodydump File Submitted: 28 Jan 2014 File Category: Recreations Link to B2S: Permission to Mod: Contact Author First. ROM Name: badgirls VP Version: v9.2 Gottlieb/Premier's Bad Girls (1988) I started redrawing this back in 2011. I then attempted to build it in VP as my very first table build. Everything was going good until I ran into serious coding problems. The game uses various relays to switch the functions of lights and solenoids during gameplay. I tried to get it to work (the old Tab/Desturk version doesn't work properly) and failed miserably and gave up...until I found koadic. Koadic quickly figured out how to code around all the issues and get the game working properly. Then I got the rest of the flashers and stuff up and running and then sent it back to Koadic's Kustoms for a full blown 3d primitive model bling out. Primitive posts, rubbers, drop targets, wireforms, lane dividers, VUK, varitarget, etc.. And of course you get one of his handy menus for changing options. Hope you enjoy. Thanks also to: JimmyFingers for flipper routines, sounds, sound routines and general help UncleWilly for his starter table and help and inspiration Arngrim for DOF config and testing Bent98 for testing and project management Tab and Destruk for the older version of the table Click here to download this file
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