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  1. What I didn’t realize is that PinballX is just listed as another table in your DOF config ini file. That PinballX listing has a huge Boolean statement in it. If you used a different Rom name because it is a colored Rom, you need to add that name in the Boolean argument. Basically it is saying if the game is this, this, or this, set the left flipper to red OR if the name is this, this, or this, set it to green OR ... The same I assume holds true for the undercab lighting. Things get complex when your Rom names don’t match the Rom name in the online config tool. Then you are editing the ini by hand.
  2. Found it...PinballX is a table in the DOF. That is what I was missing.
  3. That was it. Thanks! Next question is on a couple games that don't light my flippers. In my plugin log I see that the match is good but the ones that don't light all say the same thing... 18.07.31 06:35:20.596 Best match for ACDC is ACDC (acd_168hc). Match Value: 1 18.07.31 06:35:20.603 Game selected AC/DC (No update sent) Where all the ones that light say that an update was sent. This happens on Spider-man, Shrek, and Tron too. Any ideas why? In VPX they light up fine. The rom names are all correct and have entries for the flippers. What is strange is that it doesn't seem to pull from the DOF config files. I have AFM setup as Green. The default was red. In PBX is shows up red. Anyone know how PBX pulls table configs?
  4. Ah, that may be it. I was playing around with both.
  5. I have the R1 version of DOF running with VPX and my Pinscape controller just fine. I upgraded to the new version of PinballX 3.05 and cannot get it to work. I can register the com object just fine. I go into the PinballX folder. Put the PinballX dll into the plugins folder. Run the plugin manager from the PinballX directory, click the PinballX DOF plugin to configure, and it says it cannot find the com manager running. Any suggestions? I have tried upgrading to the R3 beta but I can’t get it to work even with VPX. Not a big deal as I have it working when I launch the table. Just don’t have button lights in the PinballX.
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