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  1. With further testing, it actually turns out it breaks at VPinMAME 2.9 (what I thought was 3.0 was actually an older Sambuild they had labeled 3.0). I can confirm that 2.6-2.8b will run this perfectly, but 2.9-3.1 will cause the erratic behavior. Now I just need to find an easy way to swap between them on my cab.
  2. FOUND IT! Table was working perfectly on my laptop running VPinmame 3.0. Updated to 3.1 and have the exact same issue. New VPinmame breaks these roms. I tried replacing the dll with an older one but that doesn't fix it, so I'm not sure of the exact issue?
  3. I wish it were that easy, but I'm running VPinball99_PhysMod5_Updated.exe, same as all my other PhysMod tables. It's definitely a rom issue because the same thing happens with the non PM5 version and the VP8 version. I have Pinmame 3.1 so I don't see that being the problem, either, so I'm not sure what to try next. I know it's a conflict solely for me but I'm not sure what is different here. I wish I didn't love this table so much, LOL.
  4. And after checking, it's doing the same thing on regular VP9 and even VP8 tables. I guess it's back to delete registry entries and everything again!
  5. This thing is blowing my mind. I am seriously impressed by how great it looks for a VP9 table, but it runs crazy for me for some reason. I have tried every reset of the roms, completely downloading the roms, disabling backglass, etc. It will fail to launch the ball, just making a launch noise until you hit it enough times that it decides to go. Then it may randomly play the launch sound and launch another ball while you're in play (and making it ball two). Sometimes it hangs completely in a scoop and then launches a new ball, ball 3 now. Just such random behavior and I can't figure out why it seems to be only me!
  6. I have been up for hours and finally solved my sdlttf issue. I would be willing to bet this will work for everyone having the problem. Download the latest version of the sdl2 files from https://www.libsdl.org/projects/SDL_ttf/. I used file 'SDL2_ttf-2.0.14-win32-x86.zip' - even though I have 64bit Windows 10 it wanted the 32 bit; I assume it has to match the compiler that was used. Overwrite all 3 dll files in 'C:\P-ROC\games\EvilDead\config' with the zipped files: libfreetype-6.dll, SDL2_ttf.dll, and zlib1.dll Next, copy/overwrite those same 3 files to 'C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\pygame' as apparently any difference in versions will cause them to conflict. Until I did this step I could load the DMD from game.pyc only. Once all the files matched I could load the VPX with no issues. Worked for both Evil Dead and Jaws (and I have been staring at these off and on since March)!
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