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  1. Gwen

    Recording Pin2DMD videos

    Is there a way to directly record Pin2DMD videos such that when they are played back on the dmd they look identical to how they were originally displayed? I have been trying to get good quality recordings from the dmdext vdmd window and they are kind of hit or miss. Sometimes they look good, others there are a lot of discrepancies in how the dmd gets displayed when it is played back.
  2. Gwen

    Recording Pin2DMD videos

    Thanks for the advice 😃
  3. Awesome work NetzZwerg! Thanks for sharing it with us all!
  4. Gwen

    Recording Pin2DMD videos

    Thanks, I'll give that a try. THough I was really thinking in terms of somehow directly recording the data being sent to the pin2dmd for future playback. Is there any way to do that?
  5. Just gave this a run. I can't say I have thoroughly tested it yet but it looks great so far. I haven't found anything glaringly off.
  6. This is really looking fantastic!
  7. Great work, thanks again!
  8. I solved my problem by installing the new build of VPinmame. 😃
  9. Can anyone tell me how I can override the pin2dmd dmd color for pinball fx3 on a per-table basis? I have the dmd working ok but all fx3 tables are running with orange dmds. I tried using the --color parameter when calling dmdext and it sets the pallet to the color I choose but when the table launches it goes back to orange. Also can anyone offer suggestions as to how to best run fx3 tables using pinballx without interfering with tables that use ultradmd? If I have dmdext running before launching pinballx then vpm tables and fx3 tables work fine but tables using ultradmd don't display the dmd.
  10. Gwen

    Fx3 with pin2dmd color question

    OK problem solved thanks to the latest update of DMDEXT
  11. Can't wait to try this one out 😃
  12. I just tested the 1.1 update. It's looking absolutely great! You definitely fixed the problem I noted earlier. Thanks!
  13. Gwen

    Gwen's Nikola Tesla cabinet

    Inspired by my admiration for the great mind of Nikola Tesla I decided to build this cabinet. I started work on it in July 2018. I am using a 42.5" Phillips 4K monitor playfield, a 28" LG 1080p backglass, a PIN2DMD, , Zebsboards plunger V3, pacled64, ipac mini, and currently for table feedback I am using a pair of speakers and a pair of exciters mounted on the cabinet walls. I will likely eventually install solenoids etc. I used several original antique furniture parts combined with a cabinet and backbox I scratch built. I also did brass inlay work on the oak lockdown bar.