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  1. If you would like to see photos of the finished (is a project like this ever finished?) cab check out my thread here: https://vpinball.com/forums/topic/my-nikola-tesla-themed-cabinet-build/
  2. Another beautiful piece of work Martin! Thanks for sharing it with us! Gwen
  3. I am getting a 404 error on the download link.
  4. Has anyone done a colorized DMD for the Twilight Zone? Gwen
  5. All you have to do is wait until they are released and then download them 😃
  6. Awesome work NetzZwerg! Thanks for sharing it with us all!
  7. Thanks, I'll give that a try. THough I was really thinking in terms of somehow directly recording the data being sent to the pin2dmd for future playback. Is there any way to do that?
  8. Is there a way to directly record Pin2DMD videos such that when they are played back on the dmd they look identical to how they were originally displayed? I have been trying to get good quality recordings from the dmdext vdmd window and they are kind of hit or miss. Sometimes they look good, others there are a lot of discrepancies in how the dmd gets displayed when it is played back.
  9. Just gave this a run. I can't say I have thoroughly tested it yet but it looks great so far. I haven't found anything glaringly off.
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