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  1. I solved my problem by installing the new build of VPinmame. 😃
  2. Gwen

    Fx3 with pin2dmd color question

    OK problem solved thanks to the latest update of DMDEXT
  3. Can't wait to try this one out 😃
  4. I just tested the 1.1 update. It's looking absolutely great! You definitely fixed the problem I noted earlier. Thanks!
  5. Gwen

    Gwen's Nikola Tesla cabinet

    Inspired by my admiration for the great mind of Nikola Tesla I decided to build this cabinet. I started work on it in July 2018. I am using a 42.5" Phillips 4K monitor playfield, a 28" LG 1080p backglass, a PIN2DMD, , Zebsboards plunger V3, pacled64, ipac mini, and currently for table feedback I am using a pair of speakers and a pair of exciters mounted on the cabinet walls. I will likely eventually install solenoids etc. I used several original antique furniture parts combined with a cabinet and backbox I scratch built. I also did brass inlay work on the oak lockdown bar.
  6. This is looking as great as TOTAN. Really nice work!
  7. I am having the same problem with the dmd not showing on my pin2dmd using any version of hlywoodh.zip. I am running the latest SAM build and my other tables with alphanumeric displays work fine. I am just scratching my head on this one...
  8. Gwen

    Pin2DMD Displays and some parts for sale

    Thanks Dan 😁
  9. Gwen

    Pin2DMD Displays and some parts for sale

    Thanks 😃
  10. Gwen

    Pin2DMD Displays and some parts for sale

    Ok I finally shot some photos of the cabinet as promised. You can see the brass inlay work I did earlier this week on the lockdown bar in the last photo. That took several days and a lot of freaking work. I still need to re-stain the lockdown bar darker. I also replaced my dmd monitor with the PIN2DMD with which I am extremely happy 😃 Gwen
  11. Glad to be of assistance. And thanks for the beautiful color work! Gwen
  12. Thanks, this is really looking great on my pin2dmd with my cab! I am finding that no matter which tale you start the dmd shows "The Tale of the Forty Thieves". Not a huge deal for now as the colorization looks fantastic, but I thought I should mention it.
  13. Gwen

    Fx3 with pin2dmd color question

    Can anyone tell me how to override the pin2dmd dmd color for pinball fx3 on a per-table basis? As I said above the --color option is not doing it.
  14. Gwen

    Fx3 with pin2dmd color question

    Thanks for this, it solved my conflict problem. 😀
  15. Gwen

    Fx3 with pin2dmd color question

    Thanks, I will give that a try. I still need to figure out how to solve the color issue.