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  1. Well that was the problem. Once I replaced the connector with a socket everything is working great! thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Ah... I'm such a dolt! I put a connector on but it makes total sense that it should mate directly with the connector on the HUB75 displays. I'll order up some sockets and report back. thanks.
  3. For the life of me I cannot get my Pin2DMD Version 4 shields to work with the bottom connector. If I connect my displays to the connector labelled HUB75 EXT everything works however if I connect it to the bottom connector labelled HUB75 the displays do not work. I am wondering if I need to set some jumpers on the V4 Shield or the Nucleo 144 board to enable the bottom connector. I am running V2.55 (which I believe is the latest firmware build). These shields were built from the files located within the Hardware section of Github so I am assuming everything is good since they work with the HUB75 EXT connector. I am unable to find a picture of the bottom side of the V4 Shield to confirm that I have the connector oriented correctly for HUB75 however I have connected the ribbon cable with the red stripe to pin 1. I know the cable is good as I have used this same ribbon cable to connect to the HUB75 EXT connector and everything works. Any help would be appreciated. Mike
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