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  1. Have you bridged pins 15-16 On teensy and have you loaded the teensy hex file for dof The simple strand test should light them all just you need to change Poss amount if you got 144 and the instruction only asks 50 only the first 50 lights
  2. you connect the 3 wires in the socket but only use 2 of them so green data goes to orange (example) white earth goes to orange/white (example) the red doesn't need to be connected so if you use a female 3 wire joiner you just put a end on it make it safe the 2 external wires you connect to 5v so red is + and white is earth this is red black on pc power supply (yellow black is 12v) the 3 wires in the connector can be on any of the colours so i used 1st orange - orange/white this in cab file would be first lot of numbers but in fact its on a matrix you would use 2nd blue-blue/white 3rd green-green white 4th is brown-brown/white -<TeensyStripController> <Name>TeensyStripController</Name> <NumberOfLedsStrip1>448</NumberOfLedsStrip1> my matrix <NumberOfLedsStrip2>144</NumberOfLedsStrip2> left adressable strip <NumberOfLedsStrip3>144</NumberOfLedsStrip3> right adressable strip <NumberOfLedsStrip4>32</NumberOfLedsStrip4> these are 32 leds rings x2 and also 2 strips of leds 32 long under cab so even though 128 leds teensy see them as one set of 32
  3. thank you all arrived safely and well packaged and in uk took less than 8 days including bank holiday top marks and top supplies regards
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