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  1. Ok got it to work sort of. I changed location of the DMD but I had to change the pixel size to 1. It works if I run dmdext mirror from the command line but it won't mirror the dmd unless it is the active window. So if it's under the playfield, I get nothing on the realdmd. Still trying to get it to work through pinup. When it does work, the image is very dim on the dmd.
  2. Got this downloaded and installed. Thank you. The game runs and works fine, however the dmd is not displaying on my real dmd. It's under the playfield. This is the only game on my cab that does this and I assume it is some setting with P-ROC or a setting some where in the VBS file. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. That did the trick! Switched it back to 1.7.1 and it worked just fine . Thank you all very much. NetzZWerg the colorization looks really nice, much appreciated.
  4. I've made sure the colorize DMD box is checked, but I'm still getting the default colors. Must be some other setting somewhere on my computer. At least I know I don't have to patch any rom or anything. Thank you. I'll keep fiddling with it.
  5. Trying to get this to work. I've got a Pin3dmd and I've got all of the stern tables working great after patching the rom files and adding the pallet files to the altcolor folder. But this one has different files. I've added the pal and vni files to the alt color folder, but I'm still getting the default colors. Do I need to patch the totan_14 rom file for this to work? If so, is there a .diff file somewhere? I'm new to this and I've spent most of the day trying to find the correct info for this. This is the first non stern game I've tried.
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