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  1. Update. Tried with Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and different computers. Neither of them working. Must be an error on VPUniverse. Is someone reading this?
  2. Intensity has been off over here as well. Can't seem to fix it since my login won't work anymore.
  3. Hi, My login seems to be broken. Resetting password results in no email, not even in spam folder. I tried several email accounts too. Creating a new account doesn't seem to work either. I fill out the fields, hit "create account" and nothing happens. Would love some help with this.
  4. Hi. Thanks for all your efforts, they're appreciated. For some reason the lamps don't work. Using rom 1.61, latest directb2s and VPXI could find. Do you have a suggestion on where to look?
  5. Amazing table. Drop dead gorgeous! Thanks for all the efforts, they're appreciated.
  6. Just awesome! Thanks a million for this really nice table. One thing I noticed is that the flippers are working while no coin is inserted or game is in play.
  7. I just had an awesome play on this table!! You know you had a good game when you almost completed all modes hehehe Thanks for all your effort in creating this amazing piece for us.
  8. Solved. Downloaded the vault rom and changed the rom name that was used in the VP script to im2_183 Thanks for the tip 3trinity3
  9. Excellent table. Although this is the first table on my cab I get a LOT of micro stutter on. I'll try to investigate and troubleshoot some more.
  10. Great table. I'm doing something wrong obviously as I only get ball rolling sounds. Weird.
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