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  1. Addams Family

    I started work on Addams but have quit. I had the bookcase mostly done (which took probably 4-8 hours) but when I used it in the machine it would sometimes color swap and other times pick a random pallet. Add to this that I just do not have time to do it. Wish I did though.
  2. Pin2Dmd Editor

    plug it into the usb as well and record with the pin2dmd software.
  3. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Hook it up to a real machine and remove the glass. Super easy that way.
  4. Pin2Dmd Editor

    That looks awesome. Hopefully you can share when complete.
  5. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Steve, all looks good now and I can see the selection tool again. Perhaps this is related to the issues others have been having with the tool not displaying the interface correctly. It is still messed up in linux for me though.
  6. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Am I just not seeing it?
  7. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Great news, It is no longer blue. Now can we please get the selection tool back? I feel like colorizing some more tonight
  8. Pin2Dmd Editor

    OK so I tested the new version and exported the files. Tossed them onto my sdcard and still the scene switches to blue when it is encountered. I triple checked to make sure I was running the newest version of the editor and was using the correct export. Again not sure if I am doing something wrong or something else is messed up.
  9. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Thanks so much for the speedy updates. Will try this one shortly. I noticed yesterday that the select tool was missing, has this been brought back? I will not have time to test for a few hours unfortunately.
  10. Pin2Dmd Editor

    So I have been testing this evening and sort of have it working. When I jump to the frame where the swap happens (I am not playing anything) then the animation plays on the DMD and is various shades of blue (keeping in mind I am not playing anything just sitting on the start frame). I have copied the pal and fsb files to my sd card after renaming them to PIN2DMD.<EXT> so I am not sure what is going wrong. I am also not sure if the video should just start playing (but I would think not).
  11. Pin2Dmd Editor

    The old format file is 1kb smaller. Next time I have a chance to try it I will run the recording and see if my swap happens. Will this happen in the preview window or only if doing a live preview on the device?
  12. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Maybe I am missing something but still crashing here on a WPC. Perhaps I did something wrong. I did check the option to export to the old format. I do not have time to mess with it right now so hopefully someone else messes around and has some luck. Is there any sort of logging that I can get at in order to see why it is crashing? Oh I also noticed that the select tool appears to have been replaced with the circle draw tool.
  13. Pin2Dmd Editor

    So out of curiosity the new export format, is it better than the old in any way? Sounds like it just supports the color masking sequence and has things in a newer format. Like I said just curious.
  14. Pin2Dmd Editor

    Oh really? I will hold off colorizing anything else till it is done then.
  15. Pin2Dmd Editor

    What about it not working on a real machine? I get to the scene that I replaced and it just crashes the entire system and I need to press the reset button. Perhaps I am missing a step or something, did not really see instructions for how to use the colorized code on a real machine. Do I just copy the exported fsq and pal to the sd card named pin2dmd?