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  1. This is why I'm thinking it's a firmware issue... My buddy rablack was one of the testers, he uses a pin2dmd, and has PinUp running. However, he's running a much earlier version of firmware for the pin2DMD.
  2. I've been trying to get PinUp Player to work, but it crashes PinMAME when using the dmddevice.dll that is supposed to be unified. I've narrowed the crashing down to using the most recent Pin2DMD firmware v2.51 with the unified dmddevice.dll from PinUP. I guess I could downgrade firmware, but don't really want to loose the more enhanced color options.
  3. Hmm, what would cause the Controller error when trying to load via VP? Just trying to launch table via VP directly. What is ProcPinXBefore.exe for?
  4. When I try to register the controller this is what I'm getting... Is this right? c:\P-ROC\tools>python register_vpcom_solenoids_skeleconfig.py --register register_vpcom_solenoids_skeleconfig.py:194: SyntaxWarning: import * only allowed at module level def Run(self, extra_arg=None): Registered: VPROC.Controller
  5. I really enjoyed PinEMHi. Looking forward to this! It would be awesome to be able to interface with this and post scores here on the site.
  6. 5 Downloads

    Try again, but before you do... Clear your browser cache, close and re-open browser. I think there was an issue with a security update I applied yesterday. I've reset and cleared cache, so that should help.
  7. This looks amazing, G! Thanks for the upload. Very much appreciated. Going to throw this on my cabinet right now and give it a spin.
  8. New layout

    Thanks. Still a work in progress, so still more to do.
  9. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    I'm also using a Pin2DMD, if that makes any difference.
  10. VPU site

    I've been working on some updates on the site and had disabled all uploads for the time being. I just re-enabled it for now, but may need to turn off again sometime later.
  11. SAMBuild3.0 beta thread

    Anyone happen to have Baby Pac-Man working with 3.0? I can't seem to get the video screen to display either when launching game or Testing via PinMAME.
  12. In VPX you can export/import physics from table to table. From Preferences select Physics Options. There are 2 boxes, one to Export and the other to Import. Export from a table that you like and Import into table you want physics changed on.
  13. Thank you very much for uploading this here. It's greatly appreciated.
  14. Terminator 2

    What table are you guys using with this? I'm using the most recent VP10 version and get no ROM audio when loading with the table. However, if I run the ROM via PinMAME I do get audio and color. First time I've run into this issue.
  15. Does the PinMAME ROM have to be patched for this to work or just need the .pal file?