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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Port of Visual Pinball X to VR
  2. I haven't messed with HyperSpin in a while. Mine is still setup on my mamecab and running fine. Haven't touched it or rocketlauncher in a really really long time. I did just update MAME and my MAME database/XML files. Make sure you've updated to 1.5 or whatever it is and definitely setup and use Rocketlauncher if you aren't already. On my Pin; the color Pin2DMD (real DMD) is inside under the glass on the backwall. Same place were my original Pinball 2000 style DMD was at originally. I have the playfield setup as the main screen. Over the years; I've become very adept to using the screen sideways when I'm at the machine. My cab is back in a back bedroom right now, so I usually just do everything via network. I've dropped HyperSpin and started using the Pinup Popper frontend. It's very nice, fast and pretty feature rich. It also has a network element to it so you can add games, download media, etc via network.
  3. Yo Firebat! Good to see you here, my friend! Lots have changed in this hobby... Pinup Popper frontend really brings some really great things. Freezy's DMD really makes DMD's pop now. I recently re-built the whole backbox on my cabinet. Using a 27" backglass, 15" video screen, Pin2DMD.
  4. Hello Everyone, My apologies, but the DOF tool is currently down. The cloud provider that we use is currently experiencing issues. I'm away at a pinball tournament this weekend, but I'll try to keep an eye on it. Hopefully, it will not be down much longer. Thanks, Dazz
  5. There is no link.
  6. Anyway to add custom ROM entry for Batman 66 which uses the flash_l1 ROM?
  7. Table was removed from all download sites due to takedown requests from Farsight & Stern Pinball.
  8. Man... Join the club. We had a storm roll through yesterday here in Texas... 24,000 lightning strikes in 4 hours.
  9. SetDMD is fine, if you've already run many ROMs and want to change positions. That's a workaround, but not ideal. One of the first things PinMAME asks after installing; is to set DEFAULTS. Setting DEFAULT DMD location should be part of this. As of now there is no way for anyone to visually set default DMD location without loading a ROM and then it doesn't set it as default. I've recently helped several people via Discord... Just deleting PinMAME registry, setting one game dmd to location, renaming that registry entry to default. Not really a fun thing to do. For a new person to be able to set a default DMD location via PinMAME would be ideal.
  10. Hey Guys, I had to walk someone this evening through editing their defaults to add a default location via registry editing. I really think there needs to be a way in PinMAME setup > Setup Defaults to view and change the default DMD location and size. Is this something that you could please consider adding? Thanks
  11. Dazz


  12. Dazz


    Why Future Pinball? Visual Pinball X is light years ahead in every way.
  13. This is totally different than some simple high-score competition that those sites run. This would be an on-going league that spans across multiple events with league scoring. This is how legit pinball leagues are done. Yes, this does have a couple more hoops to jump through, but the people willing to make these jumps would be more serious and honest competition.
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