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  1. Game names have been changed. You need to update your ROM names. Run Pinmame Setup and look at the ROM names and rename as needed.
  2. Very cool, bro. I'll give this a shot when I get a chance.
  3. So this now supports virtual DMD like on a 3rd LCD screen?
  4. This shit really pisses me off. Basically Pinball Arcade sold out their Pincab support. Arcooda is basically another cabinet builder much like VPCabs, VPin, etc. However, what sets them apart is that they partnered with Pinball Arcade to create Pincab support for their machines only. This is basically a BIG FUCK YOU to all of us in the Virtual Pinball communities. .
  5. Welcome to VPU. Don't worry... Here you are allowed to mention other sites without problems. Make sure you also check out VPinball.com and monsterbashpincab.com. I don't have any issues with VPForums or any of the other sites. VPF's owner is the one that has the problem with mentioning any other sites. Feel free to open your mind.
  6. I think I figured it out... there was a space/blank line in my vpexetables.txt file. However, something is strange with the ScreenResCheck.exe. My first set of screenshots were messed up. Table and backglass were on the backglass image. I run the ScreenResCheck.exe and it appears that playfield width and height are switched in the tester.
  7. Joe - does this use the vpexetables.txt to determine what version of VP to use? I seem to be getting errors when trying to load VPX tables that have been renamed to .vpt extension. The specific error that is being returned is a Visual Pinball error and states "Visual Pinball can not load a file of that version" Of course the only tables I'm loading now days are VPX.
  8. Excellent. Thanks guys.
  9. Do we have any apps that will take screenshots of VP tables/backglasses?
  10. This is looking awesome. Can't wait for this. Thank you very much for doing these!
  11. Is this only for the French rom? Or will it work with English?
  12. That's exactly what needs to happen... Would make things much easier.
  13. I just tested this and it works fine...
  14. Ok, I'm just reading through this as my DMD is only red now. I see that pin2dmd.pal is required for coloring. How do we create these files?