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  1. For FX3 I just did this. There is a link to were to place the files on you bg monitor that steam puts there when it finns no image. You can find image to download here... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2u8qi3ozoseqcqp/AABE-BlkNb1fKssskKkCSXkGa?dl=0
  2. Thanks that did the trick! Now I have just installerad the new graphics card and updated the settings... just waiting for my Pinscape so I can finish.... i cant wait... 😄
  3. For some reason When i start a game from pinball x or if i dubble click the game in visual pinbal table folder The game starts directly and I get two tables side by side on my playfield monitor...? I cant get this through my head... Please help anyone BR mon72
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