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  1. Hello. suggest me please and other tables with so good and realistic graphics like as tables Goldorak VPX Edition and Bubba the Redneck
  2. I'm trying to set up a table for fp. the problem you see in the pictures. the table does not seem to be at the edge of the screen and the backglass looks like this. https://postimg.org/gallery/3b18lwccc/
  3. Finally I made it with the problem I had. I have installed two tables (Cactus Canyon and Monster Bash. at the monster bash , the backglass works right and the led flashes but at the Cactus Canyon table, the led lights on the backglass don't flash. What is wrong so that I fix it? Finally, anytime I open the table, the dmd looses the place I have set it at backglass and it appears at the playfield screen. What can I do so that it doesn't loose its place and stays stable.
  4. Now worked. I have also one problem with dmd. It is very small and ot appears on the table mot at the backglass screen. How can I fix it to the right size and place? Finally I would like to ask something about keys settings. In my cabinet I have I pac2. In the setting of visual pinball for the keys settings I adjust the bottons I want but only the right and the left flipper work. The botton that I adjust for the plunger doesn't work, it makes tilt.
  5. I did what you said. but I could not do it. I just see these settings https://postimg.org/gallery/swihqpfg/
  6. Hello I try to download the visual pinball and I am trying for test a random table but as you see in the photos any change I make the analysis it is not right. https://postimg.org/gallery/2uundmm64/
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