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  2. quick guess Medieval-Madness-Reloaded-1.0-1 - since that was edited 2017 all other versions are from 2016 but @ninuzzu should clarify this.
  3. hey, i have a problem with the "stay on top" setting. the virtual dmd is always behind the backglass. I´ve already looked at the global window setting via tool called "turbotop": it shows that the backglass image (form1) window and the virtual dmd window both have the flag for "stay on top" set. If i remove the flag from form1 the virtual dmd window stays in front of the backglass window but the form1 seems to set the flag again after a few seconds. is there anyway to fix this, so to prevent form1 to set the flag or to give the virtual dmd window a higher priority?
  4. i have used this code to get ff working on family guy. There is a bug in stewie pinball multiball now: all four flippers are supposed to be active since you get balls in the normal playfield and in the mini playfield. After the changes for ff only the two mini playfield flippers are active. Any way to fix this?
  5. so i guess its no working? or is the first value the one you mean?
  6. maybe a dumb question but how can i check if fastflip is enabled correctly?
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