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  1. I would guess its either a soldering problem on the teensy still, or a power supply problem. the strips use about 9-10A per meter, even though you tried it with a single strip and a 16A power supply, if you have anything else attached to that 5V supply it may not be enough power.
  2. Issue closed. Looks like Arngrim was testing the 16 port module. He says Its doesn't appear to work with DOF. He reverted the code back to 8 Port. For anyone who has it showing like I do, Remove the Sainsmart from your account, save and then add back and will show the proper 8-port config.
  3. Mine shows this. I started to setup the toys and realized it allowed me 16 ports on an 8 port device.
  4. Not getting why the config tools shows the Sainsmart as a 16 port device, the USB version only has 8 ports. Do I just ignore the last 8 ports? UPDATE: OK, just found that there's a USB module for the 16 port to make it USB capable, is this what the 16 ports are for, and if you have the 8 port you ignore the last 8?
  5. I think I'll move mine to the rear of the backcab and under cabinet. I assume I can re-assign them in DOF to represent those locations correct? I wonder If I could mount two of them on the top of the backcab and re-assign them as beacons, one blue and one red? i haven't delved that far into DOF yet...
  6. So, I'm upgrading to an addressable LED Matrix. So now what do I do with the 5 star RGB's I have (I actually have 10 RGB's I could place around the cabinet) Was thinking maybe across the top, back or under cabinet instead of buying strip lighting for that. Ideas? Or ditch them altogether?
  7. Is there somewhere to download the customized DOFLinx files to update the individual boards? Figured it out. Its in the DOF Config tool INI that are uploaded by users for each table. So its essentially automatic. Do I have this correct?
  8. I would if it was complete kit. What would really be nice is male/female connectors for the LED's. Female side soldered to the board.
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