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  1. Is it possible to modify the GoDMD code to suit GRB panels? The actual panels are "Leeman A SMD RGB Full Color P4 LED Display" panels with a HUB 75 interface, but are obviously not really RGB as the colours are mixed up.
  2. You might need to go into the registry and change the "showpindmd" key to 1.
  3. I've been confusing myself about which version of PinMAME I am actually running. I know what the problem is now though. Turns out that it DOES work when using " VPinMAME_SAM_NON_PINDMD__PINDMD2__PIN2DMD_2.37 ". This version gives the option to "Use Pin2DMD". But when using "VPinmame SAM for Desktop, Cab, Pindmd1, Pindmd2, Pindmd3, Pin2dmd 2.43" it works when testing within VPinMAME, but NOT when using any version of Visual Pinball. Note that this version gives the option to "Use External DMD", Now that I have actually read the instructions (WHO does that anyway?? :-)) in CarnyPriests post, he mentions that "Real DMD requires drivers for the DMD controller board", found at http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?s=7538c0bb40eb634496245162da01933f&app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=25048. So basically, for SAM versions after 2.37, real DMD's require a dmddevice.dll Odd that this isn't required when just testing in VPinMAME though. Lesson learnt: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.
  4. No doubt I am missing something obvious here, but am lost as to what. Everything was working fine until I updated both Visual PInball 10 and tried the latest VPinMAME ( VPinMAME_SAM_NON_PINDMD__PINDMD2__PIN2DMD_2.37 to be exact). Now Pin2DMD works fine when testing ROM's in VPinMAME, and also displays logo's properly in the menu of PinballX. But there is nothing displayed when running and of the visual pinball programs like VPX, Physmod5 or Visual PInball 9. Going back to later versions of VPinMAME hasn't helped. What am I doing wrong or have forgotten to do?
  5. Good news is it stops the "not operate in this country " message appearing. :-) Bad news is that something else is now wrong with the timing such that it doesn't ever seem to fire all 4 balls into the ark properly so you can start a game. :-(
  6. Great work so far DJRobX. Unfortunately, I think you are doing too good a job of perfecting the emulation. :-) Let me explain. Using the just posted VPinMAME.dll, Indiana Jones (Stern 2008) rom ij4_210 now prevents the game from playing with the message "This machine will not operate in this country....". If I delete the nvram and cfg files, and switch back to the VPinMAME.dll posted on the 30th October, it works. Switching to the latest .dll again and the error message reappears. From what I have read, Stern somehow checks whether the electricity supply is 50Hz (BAD) or 60Hz (GOOD). Being an Aussie mine is 50Hz. Can anything be done about this? No big problem if not as I haven't seen any issues with other Stern games as yet. Thanks again.
  7. Have you run the VPinMAME Setup prograsm and selected "Use PinDMD" for the ROM's?
  8. That worked. Very pretty. Thank you for all your hard work in taking Visual Pinball to the next level. Mates are blown away when they see how realistic it is now compared to only a year or so ago. And thanks also to Fren of course for creating/modding these tables.
  9. Same here, Just the neon tubes lights don't turn on. All other lights are fantastic. Star Trek LE looks awesome as usual too.
  10. Might not be the best fix, but I selected the post and moved it about 30 pixels to the right, so the ball now drops into the bumpers after the left orbit shot.
  11. Wow! That looks beautiful and plays amazingly. I particularly like the Sparky animation. Great job whoever modelled that.
  12. Yes, a .swf does launch in your browser. Prefer .png myself as they are more detailed / colourful.
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