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  1. Thanks but it didn't have anything that I haven't already tried. Tried removing and reinstalling 1.71 and no change. I them tried 1.8 and still nothing. I open the set up and test my roms and the freezy shows up, again on my playfield not where my dmd is, and has no issues. However, as soon as I try to open a game, I still get the no external dmd drive found error. I am at my wits end!!!! Does anyone know what would cause this error? Any and all help is greatly appreciated
  2. I did and saved it. Started a table and still have the "no external DMD driver found or DMD driver functions not found. Did I install the freezy wrong?
  3. I am hoping that someone can help me. I have recently updated my cabinet to 10.6. I have downloaded some games and all is working great. I have now tried installing Freezy and I get the same error so I know it is something that I am doing/have done. I get the error "No external DMD driver found" I have updated to turn off old DMD and check marked use external DMD, but I get the same error on each table until I turn off external and go back to old DMD. I have tried Freezy 1.7, 1.71, 1.72, and 1.8 and I know it works. I tested the ROM and the Freezy shows up on my play field, not on DMD, but it is there and looks great. I am in a three screen cab using virtual DMD. I have watched Terry Red's videos as well as MajorFrenchy's and I thought that I was installing correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  4. Well it didn't work. I need to remove pinball x and everything that was originally there and start over. No time right now, just stinks that it's new and I had to meddle when i thought I understood how to update but reality showed I didnt.
  5. I'm hoping to correct it this weekend. I believe that I'm very close to solving the riddle!!! Lol I know that what's left is something silly that I have set wrong or missing.
  6. I have watched MajorFrenchies videos a few times and trying to follow along. Seems pretty straight forward, just missing something yet. I do get a few errors and things happening that he doesn't experience but that's side note. Vp cabs have it set up that pinball x starts when cab turned on. It still is opening old files. I have reached out to them again. I spent Fri evening through Sun evening and will continue until I get it working. I know once I do and get used to how to do everything it will get easier. I am amazed that he made these videos less than a year ago and many newer versions of each item (VPX, DOF, DOFLinxs, pinball X, etc)
  7. Randr, I'm currently backing up my hard drive, then going to follow MajorFrenchies videos and will set up exactly same. Going to pass on TerryReds upgrades until I get it working. I watched Terrys video first and MajorFrenchies is what I should have seen first. Need to start at the beginning, but worried I will lose my fx2 games as they are the only thing working.
  8. Ok, I must be completely computer illiterate and very concerned. So from the videos attached, it appears that I need to start from ground zero and I'm very worried. I m afraid that the more I'm touching and clicking, the more damage I'm doing. I'm afraid that reinstalling everything will cause to need reconfigured (i.e. shaker motor, solenoids, did, etc.) And I going to end up with a cab that is completey not running. I downloaded 10.4 vpx and now uninstalled it. Still nothing (other than pinball fx2) works. I thought that downloading the new version would allow me to play better, higher resolution versions of games. I had no idea that it would shutdown everything. I believe hat the cab is Windows xp, don'tknow if that is a fdqctor or not. If I download everyhing in the videos (visual pinball, future pinball, pinball x, etc.) Will I lose the programmng of the lights etc.? Man I think I've messed the whole thing up with one click.
  9. Randr I believe VPX may have already been on the cab, just an older version. I am attaching pic of what I think you were asking for. The visual pinball folder and all contents are what I believe are from the vpx 10.4 download. There is an uninstall icon but afraid to click it.
  10. I had no idea and I am someone who does care. Is it better to wipe it all out (keeping the fx2 tables purchased through zen) and starting over? I want to do it right and the right /proper way. I would not want something that was loaded without proper authorization. I would rather wipe it out and start from scratch and struggle for as long as it takes than to try to reload something that should not have been loaded to start with by vpcabs. Pretty bummed out...
  11. Thanks randr and bambiplattfuss but I'll need to research more first. To be honest, this is part of the reason I bought a vpcabs machine and did not try to take on building everything from scratch as I am not sure how to do that. I already know thay before I tried to install 10.4 I should of backed up my drive. First lesson learned. Hind sight is 20/20. I know for most on the site all of this stuff is second nature, but I'm green as green gets. Thanks to everyone being helpful and patient with me and my questions.
  12. Agree randr, unfortunately for me the set up is a from 2015/2016 and I'm trying to get to vpx.
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