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  1. Hi Chucky. I am trying to get Genesis working on my cabinet. I downloaded your B2s file from here and followed your settings. I have a pindmd v3 and I'm not getting any scoring display. I've seen some other 2 screen b2s files for genesis, but they look ugly with the grill speakers. Any tips/ideas?

    1. chucky87


      hi my b2s genesis only works with a dmd lcd otherwise to switch to normal dmd without image must activate the dmd and disable the dmd b2s in the options of db2s on your backglass
  2. Thanks for that reassurance thalamus! I saw a few other references on vpforums about people frying stuff in general although I'm still not quite sure what I did that would've caused it. And who knows maybe it'll resolve itself overnight or could just be some weird OS issue.
  3. This is a cross-post from vpforums. I felt like I was so close to finishing my project and then... I got my zebs board and my lit buttons and my williams plunger this week. Things seemed to have been working fine. Yesterday I got the plunger and nudger working a bit and I was beginning to test flipper and lit buttons before wiring up all of the grounds and connecting all the other wires. I had connected the zebs board to my pc's power supply with a 15pin sata adapter connected to the 12v setup on the zebsboard. Things seemed to be going smoothly. Buttons were working and lit...plunger was working...But coming back after a break, Windows 7 is no longer recognizing the zb pincab controller device. I tried switching USB ports. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting the USB. I tried restarting. Have I done something terribly wrong? The board is still getting power. I can tell from the red LED on the board. its just no longer being detected by the OS as an input device:( I fear I somehow i did something wrong managing power to kill the board. I can't think of any other cause for the behavior. Anyone have any ideas or similar experiences? I already reached out to Steve, directly but I figured I'd also post on the forums here since I'm pretty bummed at the moment.
  4. I don't have a solution, but I am also experiencing this with Adventure Land aka Amusement Park. It takes forever to load, but other tables load quickly. I do not have the Archer table. Loading adventure land directly via PBFX3 via Steam works smoothly.
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